30 things about me!!!

It is soooo rainy here!!! BOOO! But there have been thunder storms… so huge perk! I love thunderstorms!

Sooo onto “day six” of the 30 day challenge which is actually way longer than that because I forget! Todays post? 30 things about me!

1. I am a huge creature of habit.. take my lunch for the past few days… pizza bagels! I get into things and just keep going until I move on to the next habit! I also reread books/rewatch tv shows/ and have a rotation of comfort clothes I wear all the time.

2. I have moved eight times! And lived in Illinois and Colorado twice in my life! I have also never lived anywhere for longer than four years!

3. I can’t run in hot weather! Random but I can’t do it! I like 60 degree weather with a bit of cloud.. that is my perfect running conditions

4. My favorite workout by far is spin class! I am actually a spin instructor! I started spinning with my mom in high school during the summers at our beach house! In college I became addicted and last year I became an instructor!

5. I actually started out college as a journalism major… I wanted to be a correspondent in the middle east! Oh how times have changed!

6. I am a history nerd… I took a world war II class in college for fun, and love anything about British History in particular!

7. I have  a ridiculous affinity for nautical clothing…. seriously the amount of navy and white.. and navy/white stripes in my closet is a little bit insane

8. I don’t like hard alcohol… at all.. it tastes awful and burns my throat! I only drink it rarely and never take shots!

9. My favorite band is Blink 182… I just love them

10. I take a ridiculous amount of pictures… it’s absurd

11. Top frozen yogurt flavor is definitely tart.. or pomegranate-raspberry tart from the fro-yo place by me! My topping of choice is chocolate sprinkles and strawbs

12. I love color… like LOVE it! Most of my clothes (the non-nautical themed ones) are mostly pink, green, or purple haha.. and my room is very preppy and colorful!

13. My favorite meal is tacos.. or taco salad… I think they are the ultimate comfort food, warm, meaty, cheesy, with veggies and guac yummmm!

14. That being said my favorite salad is Asian chicken salad.. probably from Pei Wei… but the one at Cheesecake is the bomb.com as well

15. My favorite fruit is strawberries.. and maybe cherries… I love cherries! But I eat strawberries every day without fail!

16. My favorite  international city is Rome

17. My favorite US city is Chicago, and I am hoping to live there again some day!

18. My favorite cookie is a monster cookie! I love all the different flavors and of course any kind of oatmeal cookie is something I enjoy!

19. I love coconut, but hardly ever bake with it because my roommate doesn’t like it!

20. This will be my first summer in two years not nannying in the Hamptons!

21. I still sleep with my stuffed Coca Cola bear, Cokie, that I have had since I was 7.

22. I want to have four kids! True story I have already picked out their names

23. Deep down my deepest wish is to own a bakery some day, like Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated

24. I LOVE to sing and dance… constantly… wherever  I am.. I will break into random musical/dance interludes…mostly in my car/ room/shower/when I’m running/ randomly in the airport if a good song comes on… all the normal places

25. I have never owned a dog, but  I really want one and to name her/him Bailey!

26. I spend waaaayy too much time on Facebook

27. When I was younger I was obsessed with musicals… Oklahoma is my definite favorite… but I love all the Rogers and Hammerstein musicals

28. I don’t have a favorite book or movie… I am weird but I just can’t pick one… so I have like eight favorites of each!

29. The number one place I want to travel is Southeast Asia

30. I want to become more organized! So if you have any tips please let me know!!!

Ok thats it! sorry this post is so long hope ya enjoyed it!!!!

What are some interesting facts about you?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


One thought on “30 things about me!!!

  1. okay so I discovered more things we have in common…
    1. I am the biggest creature of habit you will ever meet… my family teases me about it
    2. We already know that I have moved a lot… 11 times to be exact
    3. I am a history nerd too…. I used to want to be a history teacher
    4. Loving bright colors…. you should see my room back home… my sister sings the pink panther theme song when she wants to annoy me when coming into my room. its painted bright pink
    5. I still sleep with a stuffed animal that looks just like my dog…. its name is puppy. I was devastated when I came back to CO from being home two weeks ago cause I left him in my bed back home… =(
    6. I want to have 4 kids and have all their first and middle names picked out as well
    7. my dogs name is bailey
    More and more I’m thinking we are meant to be friends =)

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