A dog for a day?!

Ahoy Y’all!

Yes I’m alive… I know… I actually am awful its fine.. I have been super busy!!! So lets recap  the weekend shall we?



eeee do ya like it?

Then it was straight to Ted’s to watch the DU lacrosse game before picking Ally up at the airport! We spent the rest of the night getting froyo and catching up!


Up early to go to Yoga Sculpt before Beer Olympics!

Soo excited for this day I had been looking forward to it for weeks!! Our theme was shipwrecked!!! Yesss I love dressing up and I got to do it two weekends in a row!

Pong, Flip Cup, and Dizzy Bat!

annnnnd there was a couple giving away a puppy they found on the highway!! How sad.. so of course I took her! Meet Pippa bloggers!!!

Isn’t she adorable? Sadly I will not be keeping her, we didn’t connect the way I thought I would with a puppy, and shes so tiny and young and I feel bad leaving her when I go to nanny or consult! 😦 If any one knows anyone in the denver area looking for a cute, sweet, hilarious dog let me know, she has a lot of accesories to go with her!

We ended the night at Ted’s in front of the fire!

Memorial Day:

We spent the day chilling on the couch with Pippa watching the Sex and The City Marathon on E! We were pretty sunburnt from spending all day in the sun on Sunday so we decided to hide our bodies from the sun!

Then we went to a BBQ at my aunt Alice’s! Yum Yum Yum.. the food was gone to fast for me to snap pics but I got pics of the desert!

I made Pound Cake with Strawberries and cool whip, and w my uncle Hank made his famous key lime pie! soo goood!!!


Today Ally and I ran errands, and tried to find Pippa a new home! For lunch we went to Panera!

Then we went to the park with Pippa!

she had fun with a pacifier she found on the ground! She really is an impossibly cute dog, I’m just not a small dog person!!

Ok Off to watch Clueless! I love this movie… definitely used to watch this show religiously and made my brother Billy play it with me ahahahaha… win

How was your memorial day??

Have you ever had second thoughts about a dog after you got it?

What was your favorite show of the 90’s?


Peace, Love and be Sperry


2 thoughts on “A dog for a day?!

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