On my own again


I am riding solo again, no one staying with me, no Pippa, just me, and Just Go With It, which is one of the best movies ever!

I’m not really a fan of being/living alone which is why I want a dog, so maybe I will find the right dog for me soon, but I know after Pippa I have to be less impulsive!

This week has been super crazy but fun! Ally and I had a great time! Our best day was definitely yesterday! We picked her mom up from the airport and drove up to Beaver Creek! Ugh I forget how much I love the mountains in the summer!!! Of course we had to stop at the outlet mall!

yea we are the cutest in our matching sweaters… I really wanted this one.. how great is that color? However I was good and DID NOT buy it… yay for me hahahaha… I did however get some great bargains at JCrew! I love outlets… so much

From there we went up to Beaver Creek and their hotel! It was so nice! It was around 8 when we got there and so I decided to stay with Ally and her mom because I did not want to drive home through the mountains at night alone!

There was a fire pit at the hotel, and everyone knows I love fire pits! Als and I got a bottle of wine and a cheese/meat platter and ate and drank in front of the fire! It was a little more sophisticated than our usual fires at Ted’s! We had a great time sitting in the mountain air, eating delicious cheese and meats! I tried taking pictures… but the lighting was bad.. soooo fail sowwy!

This morning we got up early and had breakfast…. omg I had an omelet and fresh fruit! SOO good! My omelet had tomatoes, chives, peppers, cheese, topped with salsa!

how beautiful is that view? My drive this morning was wonderful and done in just two hours! Then it was off to clean my apartment and then go have a date with Baby H!! It was such a beautiful day today so we went on a nice walk!

Now I am relaxing on my couch… and I will probably go to bed soon because I am that cool!

What are your favorite places to go in the summer? 

I love the beach but I also am really into the mountains now!

Advice on getting/keeping/raising a dog please!!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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