Yay for new books!!!


Omg so this week has been so crazy!  I am exhausted… so much so that I will most likely not be leaving my couch tonight… why would I when there is a marathon of Bring It On movies hahaha and I have books to read!!!

So side note… I LOVE BOOKS… it’s an issue really because I go through them like water. When I was younger I would always go with my Papa to the book store, and he would buy me as many books as I wanted in order to keep me reading! I loved our little dates that always included breakfast at Baker’s Square, and movie night!

To this day I still love books although now I usually download and read them on my IPad! However I got so excited today I couldn’t wait to get home and download my new book, that and Harry Potter is still not available for E-books! Yes I bought the 7th Harry Potter today, as my second copy… the other one is in England!  My second book? SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL!!! Yes that is right… a new Sweet Valley book!!! OMFGJGHG… I LOVED Sweet Valley High books when I was younger… and so I was pumped to see that there was a new one about the Wakefield twins 10 years later!!!! CHYESSSSSSSSSS

Yea…. the L is backwards… but you get the point ahhahaha

In other news I had one actual meal today… awesome… I had a busy morning of elliptical, errands, laying by the pool, and then an impromptu trip to see X-Men: First Class with my friends Jen, Jon and Shawn! It was sooo good! I love Comic Book movies hahaha.. I am so excited for all the great movies this summer.. especially because lately I have been going to soo many movies! I have seen two this week! Hangover 2 and now X-Men!

So my meal… SO Good! I had BBQ grilled chicken with a spinach salad and cheesy toast! I got a baby grill the other day and was so excited to try it out tonight!! I got these chicken breasts at WF and then marinated them in BBQ sauce and a bbq rub that I also got at WF!

It took a little bit to get the grill up and running but I am so glad I did! It might be small but its powerful!

The salad had chopped spinach, strawberries, orange peppers, and mozzarella cheese! MMMMMM

And of course I needed a carb… you know to sustain my energy hahaha so I broiled yummy whole wheat bread I also got from WF with Smart Butter and Parmesan Cheese! I wanted to make garlic bread but ran out of garlic 😦

Yes while grilling I had a beer, just one I know I’m all by myself haha but it seemed necessary at the moment!

Ok off to indulge in some Fro-Yo!

Do you use an E-reader? Do you prefer it to paper books?

What is your favorite thing to grill? Mine is definitely Johnsonville brats! BEST thing ever


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!



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