Sundayyyyy Funday? Or Lazy Couch Day….

Sunday Funday!! Only you know without the fun… as I’m not actually drinking or anything I’m actually laying on my couch being useless!

There have been some great movies on today and so I am allowing myself to have a lazy day watching movies…. Right now.. Original X-Men, earlier Get Over it! I Love Get Over It, even though it is painfully awkward and cheesy it is definitely one of my favorite movies! I mean Sisqo is in it, Tim  Martin is the most insane person to be alive in that movie, and I secretly love Colin Hanks!

And in an hour… THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS!!! I love the MTV Movie Awards, but I am hoping this one makes up for last year because Aziz Ansari was such a dick about BP… (My dad works for BP… the spill was sensitive in our house) But I love   Jason Sudeikis (sp?) so hopefully it will live up to expectations!

So I have been following HungryRunnerGirl for some time now, and Janae is always talking about Cafe Rio Taco Salads.. today I finally took her word for it and tried one!! SOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!! Thank you Janae for encouraging me to try this! It will definitely become a new staple!

As you can see I was so tired when I got home from my lunch excursion I almost didn’t have the energy to eat! Luckily I found my strength somewhere and devoured it… as well as some blue chips on the side!

Yes do you enjoy my super creepy eating face?! I was so tired today I didn’t even work out! I had plans too… but seriously… TOO Tired!!! I am usually bad at taking break days, I feel guilty and not as good however I am learning that sometimes I  just have to listen to my body… like today! It is hard but it is something I am slowly learning to do! After my half marathon I didn’t take a break from working out for a week and half…. fail

Ok now I am off… to resume doing absolutely nothing with my day!

What are you doing this Sunday?

Are you a taco salad/burrito bowl fan? I could honestly live off those and Asian Chicken Salads and be happy… oh and froyo!

Are you watching MTV Movie Awards?

What is your philosophy on working out and taking rest days?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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