Taco Salad and the Future!

Greetings from my couch! It is official I have morphed into a couch potato.. I don’t know why but I have ZERO energy right now! I woke up feeling slightly more energetic and went to Yoga Sculpt… It was a great class but towards the end I got lightheaded and almost passed out! It was so weird, I had to stay in child’s pose for a while to get my head back in the game… and then while I was running errands afterwards I was dizzy for awhile! So now here I am on my couch before I go to the pool for an hour  to get some sun!  I was going to go out way earlier but then I got sidetracked watching my favorite Grey’s episode on Lifetime… the one with the bomb in the body… I always forget how amazing the first 2 seasons were of Grey’s!

For lunch today I made a homemade Turkey Taco Salad for lunch.. it was sooo goood! Only while cooking the turkey we had seasoning explosion!

how good does that look? It was amazing! I topped it with Chipotle Guac… yes I went to Chipotle just to get guacamole…. it’s fine but I was lazy today and it is my favorite guacamole ever, so creamy and decadent and just the greatest thing that has been in my mouth ever! (Insert thats what she said here)

Yes I just did a TWSS on my blog… but hey you guys wanna know me right? Well I say that WAYYYY to often…. it’s fine.. only it annoys Liza so I have tried to stop.. that and I sound like a 15 year old boy haha

Ok so now onto day 9 of the 145 day challenge hahah that is meant to be 30 days but I always forget!!!

Day 9 is what I hope my future will be like… hmm thats a good one… the future

As I have talked about in Day 2’s post, and basically anytime I talk about my future, I want to be a Psychologist! I would love to have my own private practice preferably in an office off my home so that I can still be there for my kids and don’t need to have a nanny everyday! (Not that there is anything wrong with that but I want to be able to only work 4-5 hours a day once I have kids so that I can be with them and involved in life) My mom was uber involved, President of the Booster Club, Swim Team mom, etc and while sometimes it was frustrating that she was always around and knew EVERYTHING (the moms at my hs knew more than we did most of the time) I loved having her be so involved and supportive of everything I did, and I want to be just like that when I have my FOUR children! I would also like to spend a little bit of time working with either college athletics or professional athletes.. I really believe that sports psychology can be so beneficial at these elite levels and I would love to be part of the team of sports psychologists that works with professional athletes!

My future definitely includes a family, a dog or two, and a house with a huge wrap around porch, pool, and big backyard!  I don’t know yet where I want to settle, but definitely somewhere warm with only a little bit of winter! I could stay here in Denver because I really do love it, but who knows where I will get my PhD! I have moved my whole life, and I would rather find a place that I love in order to stay  there for as long as possible given my husband has a job that won’t make him move! I would also like to be somewhere close to where my parents settle! I am very close to my mom, and I think it is great when kids are near grandparents!

Thats basically what I see when I daydream about my future, and of course if I am close to friends from hs, college or grad school that would be great too but we are all spreading out now!

Ok off to go lay by the pool before Baby H play time!

What does your future look like?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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