And then it started to thunder

Sooo I went to go lay by the pool… and what happens after like 20 minutes? It starts thundering!!!! Fail… oh well it is probably for the best as I am peeling from last Sunday, and my face got a tad fried yesterday! Of course I go back to my apartment shower and thennnn the sun comes back out!!! 😦

Sadly I had to jet off to play with Baby H!! He is so cute and he smiled at me today!!!! He is 8 weeks old so this is a new thing! It’s so exciting!

I came home and made myself a yummy dinner! Grilled Salmon and a spinach salad! I am really into these spinach peppers and strawberry salad! I served this with a side of cheesy garlic bread! Bah I am addicted to this stuff… this Whole Foods bread is awesome and only 1.79!

Of course I had a slice of cheese on the side.. I was hungry!!

Delicious! I LOVE salmon and salad… and yes the bread may not have been uber healthy but I still feel pretty good!

After dinner I painted my nails! Aren’t they bright and purdy?

So today when I posted about the future, I then read Julie’s post about Senior Superlatives, which reminded me of my Where You Will Be in 10 years in my  senior yearbook! Back then (5 years ago) I thought I was going to be a journalist and my in 10 years was that I was going to be a midwestern soccer mom with a local column… it is just amazing how differently my life has turned out! By the time I will be 10 years out of hs I will still be getting my PhD… definitely a far cry from being a journalist! I love to write, hence my blog, but I realized that I did not want to make a career out of it! It is just funny how much we change throughout the years! I wonder where I will want my life to go when I am 33!

Did your life turn out the way you thought in HS? Have you changed for better or worse? 

I think I am in a better career for me now, and am really excited to see how my professional life turns out!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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