HI…. I know.. your back again??? You go days without posting and now THREE in one day? What can I say I will probably do this a lot this summer! Also I made a last minute decision to make myself a semi healthy and soo summery delicious treat!

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla and Raspberry Fro-yo!

OMG…. SOO GOOOD! My friend Erica and I made these last summer and I have been waiting until I had a grill in order to recreate this wonderful treat!

If you have never tried grilled peaches… and you like peaches, then please make these now! The peach gets melty and gooey and the top is carmelized.. perfect with vanilla fro-yo!!

Isn’t that just swoon worthy??? Its almost like a warm peach cobbler… without the topping!

Ice-cream Iceberg in the Ice-cream sea!!!

Yes I am weird haha too much alone time for moi!

OK now back to Grey’s! See ya in da am!

What is your favorite summer dessert?


Eat, Drink, and be Sperry!


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