Love, Fro-Yo and other musings


How are all of you today??? I hope your Wednesday has been as lovely as mine has been! My day started early this morning because I was up early to see the little munchkin! Yes I had a date with Zach today!! It has been awhile since the two of us have had quality time! In order to celebrate the beautiful weather, we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens Children Garden! It was so much fun, such a great place for kids! There was a dirt pit, river, and mountain with a bouncy bridge! Z was in his element!

Then we went to Chipotle, where he puked… on me… It’s ok because even when he throws up on me he is still the cutest thing that ever existed! We share a love for guac and chips too!

Seriously lately I have been eating so much guacamole my blog should probably be renamed Eat drink and be sperry with Guacamole!

I came home from Zach’s house utterly spent! I made the misguided decision to play Beerio Kart at my friend Shawn’s, which then led to Beer Pong and Beer Ball (dumbest game ever… thanks Clems) and then a bar on campus… win. So I basically spent the whole day on my couch watching Grey’s… the second season is really my favorite it always sucks me in! Shawn came over and made fun of me of course… it’s fine I will accept that I watch bad TV.. in fact I admit it openly.. what can I say it is part of my self-care!

In the middle of my Grey’s marathon my friend Lauren called! Lauren is one of my best friends from HS and she is getting her PhD at Penn State right now! It was great to catch up with her and get her input on some stuff going on right now!

I love that even after 5 years and the fact that we our families are no longer in the same country we are still very close! Talking to her on the phone seems like no time has passed! One of the main things we talked about today was relationships both the good and the bad!

This leads me into day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge, and my first love/ first kiss. My first kiss was with my first boyfriend Jeff, we “dated” when I was 13. It was very innocent and cute as was our relationship which was basically a friendship… where we kissed once hahaha. He was on my swim team and was a year older than me! I think we dated for about 3 months?

My first love was my friend Bama. Bama was a freshman when I was a sophomore and we had gym class together. On a family ski trip to France, we really connected, and on Christmas night we kissed (my first real make out type kiss) which was actually bad because 2 days before I left for France I started dating this guy that I had liked for awhile! That ended as soon as we both got back from Christmas break, and after some teenage anguish and drama, Bama and I started dating on February 16th. We had a really great relationship for the most part, which was based on a pretty strong friendship. He was my best friend, and all of my major firsts happened with him. The summer that we were together I spent a month in Africa and my diary of that month were daily letters to him! Unfortunately we unravelled my junior year due to my wanting to branch out and see other people. However it was a hard break up, that didn’t completely stick until he started dating some one new my senior year.

Now on to dinner… haha it was another salmon salad for me tonight!  I love grilled salmon, really I don’t think there is anything better!

And for desert FRO-YO! I got Vanilla and Coffee… so good!

Ok it is the finale episodes.. gotta go focus! It’s not I haven’t watched these two episodes more than any other TV show in my life or anything.

What was your first love/kiss like?

Favorite fro-yo flavors?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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