And then we got lost

It has been an exhausting day! Why you ask? Oh because I decided to be a fitness overachiever today! This morning I decided to go to Yoga Sculpt at 9:15 because it is the first Thursday in like forever that I actually could!! Wooo it was amazing! Seriously this instructor kicks my butt every time I go to her class! Then I shuttled home, changed gym clothes and went to meet my friend Ted to go for a hike!

We drove up to Boulder and hiked around Eldorado! It was a beautiful hike… well it would have been even more so if we could see anything! It was so foggy and the clouds were so low, that we actually hiked into the clouds… supa cool! We were having a great time hiking and chatting, until we realized we had NO idea where we were…. so we thought we figured out a way to go… only to go the exact opposite way… and had to do the whole loop again! And let me tell you it was not a flat trail haha there were many to many steep uphills for our liking! Finally we reached the end and had completed an 8 mile hike… completely by accident!

It was actually awesome even though we were both starving by the time we got back to Denver and I am pretty sure my body may not be able to move tomorrow! But other than my Sculpt class on Monday my workouts this week have been pretty lame elliptical workouts so this super set of working out was awesome and exactly what my body needed!

I came home and after showering devoured chips and guacamole… the perfect appetizer to Pei Wei.. right?

Other than hiking though the best part of the day was my pre-yoga smoothie!! I was feeling adventurous at WF the other day and bought Coconut Milk instead of soy or almond! I figured it would be perfect in smoothies… I WAS SO RIGHT! legit I have a tropical drink anytime I want it… and the health stats aren’t too bad!

In the mix:

Coconut Milk

Frozen Strawberries

Frozen Banana

1 peach

Fage 0% Yogurt

Please try this… it is sooo good I promise you will not regret it!!

ok now off to go meet Colleen at Pei Wei!! I’m super hungry after not having a real meal all day!!

What is your favorite smoothie base? I think mine might be coconut milk!

Do you enjoy hiking?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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