My Kinda Music

Friday. Friday. Friday!

I had the most productive day today! It was my tying up lose ends day! First on the agenda was doing training for the IRB for my masters project… it was riveting… not hahaha

Once I was done with all of the modules for that, I popped over to Fidelity in order to finally sort out my mutual fund! Yea because I am the definition of winner, I lost all of my account info and have not been able to access my account for like a year!

After some more errands I stopped at Chipotle to get guacamole and pico for a taco salad! I am such a creature of habit… today my two meals were basically on par with the rest of the week- Taco salad for lunch and Salmon and veggies for dinner! I’m sorry I know I am boring but I just love grilled salmon! I could eat it every day, especially in the summer!

Now without further ado day 11 of the 30 day challenge! 10 random songs on my IPod! This will truly show you my ADD in music (and in my life)

1. All I Want Is You- J Cole

2. Tik Tok- Ke$ha

3. You Say- Vertical Horizon

4. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

5. Symphony No. 41 In C Major K 551 Jupiter IV Molto Allegro-Mozart

6. High School Never Ends- Bowling For Soup

7. All At Once- The Fray

8. Explorers- Sky Sailing

9. Miss America- Something Corporate

10. The Hard Knock Life- Jay Z

Yea, ummm…. Pop, Rap, Emo, Mozart….. what can I say I like to have music for every mood I am in! And the Mozart is great for when I can’t sleep or need to focus on school work! I love music though, in basically every genre I am even growing on Country which other than T Swift and Carrie Underwood I have tried to avoid!

yes….. I am attempting to rap… or something… WIN

What kind of music do you like?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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