My day in bullets

Ok so today’s challenge is my day in bullets! so here it goes!

  • 7:20 woke up… too early! chilled for awhile and tried to go back to sleep
  • 9:15 yoga sculpt… kicked my butt today!
  • quick stop at the gstore in order to fill my fridge with yummy food!
  • BEST SANDWICH EVER! Turkey, Tomato, Muenster Cheese, Avocado, Mustard.. heaven
  • Sat outside for an hour reading Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me… I LOVE Chelsea Handler!! She is hilarious!
  • Went to watch Swim Practice at 3
  • 5:00 pick up the Munchkin Man
  • 6:00 impromptu 3 mile run… I just felt like getting it out of my system
  • 7:00 makeee dinnerrr
  • Yummy grilled balsamic chicken and bruschetta!
  • 8:00 sitting on my couch slightly angry and contemplating getting froyo!
Yea… awesome day I know.. I am basically really cool! I really wanna bake tonight so maybe I will. Blah I need to get out of this mood!
In other news… yesterday I went for southern BBQ with my friends Shawn and Michelle!! A departure from normal but it was so good!
I had pull BBQ pork, grren beans, lima beans, and corn bread!
And then last night I saw Super 8.. it was really good!!! Definitely recommend it!
ok off to do nothing! Yay summer
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

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