Barre Me

instead of beer me.. haha get it? no.. it’s ok.. I think I am funny so that is all that matters! Actually on second thought an ice cold beer sounds nice! JK it is 2 pm…

This morning I took a Barre class at Core Power,  I was going to swim as well but I have done 2 a day work outs 3 days this week and decided I needed a break! This class was amazing! Dawn the instructor was so fun and had great music! It was straight out of 8-Track Saturday night that my mom used to make us listen to in the car! I like Barre because it is not as high impact as Yoga Sculpt but I still work up a sweat and am sooooore the next day! I am going to try and do it at least one day a week! Not only is it a good work out but it goes by so fast! Before I knew it the hour was up!

Before yoga I had a yummy coconut milk smoothie with peaches, strawberries, and raspberries! MMM for smoothies! Literally the best way to start my day is a cool slurpy treat!

Also I  love these green solo cups, they are bright and neon and perfect for summer!

I came home and made a grilled Salmon salad for lunch!!! I wanted to use up the last of my pesto!

Muahaha sooo good! And afterwards I had my usual bowl of cherries!

Yes.. I know that looks awesome… I am a grilling genius… kind of hahaha…

Tonight I have a hot date… with Zach! Oh yeaaa where ever will we go? Probably Chipotle!

ok off to go plan my consulting session for tomorrow! See ya on the flip side!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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