Of Pools and Potatoes

Greetings from my couch…. Yes I know.. Im lying on my couch watching TV how shocking! To be fair  I haven’t logged tooo much couch time lately, and it’s overcast, and I hiked 3 miles today, and am going to yoga later… when I can get my butt off the couch!

I blame my current state of exhaustion on late nights… not drinkng just my new hours that make me stay up till like 2! My usual bed time is about 11 so staying up late and waking up early takes it’s toll!

However I was still able to pack in a nice 3 mile hike today! This was my first time hiking alone, and I really enjoyed it! Of course my phone was buzzing most of the time, but it was just nice to be out alone going at my own pace and enjoying the scenery! I went for a hike in the Bluffs which is basically a trail around hills overlooking about eight neighborhoods, and a super Target.. so I felt very safe and comfortable hiking alone, plus there were many other people out solo, including multiple runners… overachievers! I always think that in my head when I se people running up steep hills on hiking trails… do you really need to show us all up like that? Maybe I am just jealous as hills are my downfall!

In other news… I swam last night.. for an hour!! I usually swim for 35-45 minutes but last night I had plenty of time so I went for the big guns! It was wonderful… I never realize how much I miss swimming until I actually do it! It is just such a great way to exercise and get out of my own head for a bit! I have been contemplating joining the DU Master’s swim team… I just don’t know but I would love to have structured practices again to really push myself, that and it would be great  cross-training for my next half-marathon on October 9th! I also miss competing! I stopped competitively swimming when I graduated high school, but I continued to swim for my sorority during Greek Night, which was basically 3 nights of inter-Greek competition! I was one of our top swimmers!

Also yes… be jealous as  I know you are astounded by how cool I am in these pictures… it is hard to be this awesome/gangster/attractive/intimidating in a full body suit goggles and cap and silly face… but someone has to do it..

yea…. to explain this one… I was Micheal Phelps in our skit and dance last year…. so I wore that outfit on dry land… on stage…. I’m special and I know everyone wants to be my friend… doo it I love new people… maybe you can even borrow my Fast Skin… gross

Also… I wanted to brag about my dinner last night, but I got sidetracked and couldn’t post again last night! Grilled Salmon with the pesto recipe from yesterday, along with asparagus, orange pepper slices and whole wheat bread!

I marinated the asparagus in olive oil, crushed red pepper, ground pepper, and garlic! Wow this was awesome really flavorful with just a bit of a bite! I definitely recommend using this simple method for your grilled asparagus!

In other news… I have decided to TRY Paleo.. although for different reasons than yesterday. After talking to my brother… see his amazingly long comment here if you are interested in Paleo.. I am so glad I have him as a resource!! I often feel lethargic, heavy, bloated and just not as healthy as I want to feel! After doing some research  I have decided to give this new life style a shot, to see if alleviating processed foods, cereal grains, and dairy (:() will make me feel better! I actually have a feeling it will as I am slightly lactose intolerant and shouldn’t really eat dairy anyways! And after reading about the diet, I realize  I eat basically Paleo foods anyways… and Potatoes are my favorite food, and they are a Paleo staple… so that makes me super happy! Get ready for some fun new Paleo recipes coming your way! Don’t worry I am still going to bake… no need to make my friends suffer! And I am going to allow fro yo once a week… hey a girl can’t completely deprive herself right?

Since I will be starting this weekend today I allowed myself a big snack/lunch of POPCORN!! Cooked on my stove top!!! yumyumyum! The popcorn exploded out of the pot while it was popping! I love stove top popcorn, simple easy and delicious!

Orville Redenbachers Kernels

1 tsp vegetable oil

salt to taste

so easy and not too too bad for you either!

Ok now back to Band of Brothers! This show/mini series is addicting! I love history, especially WWII!

Do you like historical mini-series? 

I want to watch The Pacific after this! And I want to rewatch John Adams!

Do you like swimming?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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