Island in the Sun

Is where I want to be! Yes it is sunny and warm here.. kind of…. but the number one place I want to go is Thailand! This is day 13 of The 30 Day Challenge! If I could go anywhere it would be to Thailand, and then the rest of Asia! I actually almost did a solo trip this summer but it didn’t work out! Maybe next year?!? It is weird but I would be totally ok with traveling alone in a tour group! I think it would be fun to really be alone and experiencing a new culture and really expanding my horizons and meeting new people!

My date with Z was awesome! We went to the bookstore to play trains and read books and then we went to Chipotle of course! I just love Chipotle… its so good!

This kid slays me.. seriously he is actually SO great now and the things that come out of his mouth are the funniest things ever! He has started skipping and kicking out his legs randomly while walking… and says “Megan look at me I’m like you”………… …… …… wow…. I am certainly teaching him valuable life lessons!!! I think we spend too much time together… he is a lot like me hahahaha

After dropping Z off I went straight for Fro Yo before settling on the couch in front of E!… I know how do I manage to lead such an awe-inspiring, exciting life? I just don’t know! I actually am contemplating going out… I dunno if I can do it….. my sweats are SO comfy right now and so is the nook in my couch

That is the face of pure laziness right there!

Ok my idol aka Chelsea Handler is on… must go!

Where do you want to travel to most? Would you ever travel alone?

Plans for this weekend?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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