Happy Fathers Day!

Today we are celebrating dads everywhere! I wish I could be with my dad today, sadly he is across the ocean!

So I am using my blog to say thank you Daddy for being so awesome!!

My dad has always been there for me and my brothers, even when he was traveling. His hard work and sacrifices allowed us to live in many cool places and travel to amazing countries!

He has supported my quest for further education and my newfound love of racing! He also fully supported our sports growing up, buying books and doing everything he could to help us!

He has been very active in the community, and for 9 years has been the Comittee Chairman of Boy SCouts even though my brother hasn’t been active in boy scouts for about 3 years after getting Eagle Scout!

He is also the reason I love Reese’s, ice-Cream, and other sweets! He has ice-cream every night for desert and loves when I bake cookies! Between him and my baby bro they never last long!

He also has taught me everything about wine and is why I enjoy drinking a nice glass of Red at dinner once in awhile! Our dream is to own a vineyard some day!

So give your dad a hug and thank him for everything he has done!

Have a great Father’s Day!


Peace, Love and be, Sperry!


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