All about food… and exercise!

Happy Monday Yo!

I am having another pseudo lazy day today… weekends lately take their toll on me and I haven’t even been drinking much! It is the late night hours I believe is what is doing it, and the busy days that come after the late nights! Last night I stayed with my friend Colleen after picking her up from the airport! It was great to see her and catch up,  but also it meant I had a gym buddy this morning! We went to her gym in order to take a spin class! I miss spin as I don’t do it as often as I used to! Last summer I used to do two spin classes in a row almost every day! After spin, Colleen went to class and I decided to be an overachiever and drive to 9:15 yoga sculpt! Oh man it was so worth it! I got my bootay kicked but felt so accomplished afterwards! I love when I tackle two hard workouts in a row, makes me feel strong and dedicated!

I ran some errands after my workout and came home STARVING! Because I am trying out Paleo now my lunch/breakfast was full of protein and veggies!

I had a lean burger topped with a dippy egg, lightly sauteed spinach, and pepper slices!!! SOOO Yummy!! Ok and I had mustard… which isn’t part of it but hey… what is life without my yummy condiments on top? Oh yea not worth living

I finished with some yummy watermelon! I want it to be summer forever so I can always have peaches watermelon and cherries… seriously they make my life so much better!

and now to segue back to my weekend.. I wanna share pics!! One of the wonderful food I ate yesterday and of my date with Zster on Saturday!

I hung out with my pint-sized bf all afternoon on Saturday and we had a fabulous day!! We played in his sweet baby pool that has a water slide, napped (yes, both of us) and then spent 2 hours in Wash Park!

wrigly was trying to hunt a squirrel.. what he would do with it if he caught it? No one really knows… even him

Yea he’s awesome…

After my quality time with my two favorite boys in Denver, I had dinner at CPK with my friend Marissa! I got the half BBQ chopped chicken salad, and she got the pesto pizza!

I love CPK!! Their pizza rocks and so does their salad!

and of course wine! Sooo yummy!

Yesterday I was a grilling machine! For lunch I made a Chicken Brat with shredded potatoes, green beans and pepper slices!

I love brats and got so excited when WF had chicken brats!!! SO good!

For dinner I made a seafood salad with grilled shrimp and scallops! SOOO GOOD! I love grilled shrimp and scallops!!! I will definitely be recreating this salad!!

Yea… hungry yet? This post is basically just about food!!

I have also been ridicuous about my workouts lately! Almost everyday I have been doing two-a-days! Yesterday I did a crazy hot power fusion… I legit looked like I had been in a pool (yea hot I know… or tmi Meg) and then because I was bored after cleaning I ran 4.5 miles hahaha.. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have all that much going on?

Ok off to work on PhD stuff! see ya lataaaz

Did you grill this weekend?

What is your normal routine when you don’t have school or work?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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