Summer Salad!!!!

So yesterday was the first official day of summer!! Yay! I celebrated today with a wonderful summer salad!!!!

Ready for it?

Grilled Salmon and Mosh Posh Salad!

I grilled a thin piece of salmon and laid it on top of a salad that looked like this:


Broccoli Slaw

Orange Peppers



sooo yummy! So many different flavors and textures… I think nectarines may be my new favorite salad addition!!! I am a big fan of fruit in salads… it just freshens them up somehow and this was no exception!!

Also as usual the salmon stole the show… creamy, buttery, delicious!

In other news …. today I had my first individual client!!! Omg I feel so accomplished!! I talked too much but it went well!!!

Ok that’s it.. time to go read articles by the pool!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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