Farmer’s Market fun!

Today I ventured to the Cherry Creek Farmers Market for the first time ever!!! Sadly I went alone because well I only told one other person I was going and they were too lazy to get out of bed!!!

Holy moly it was awesome! Next time I am bringing peeps because it was too overwhelming to do solo.. also I was SO tempted to cheat on paleo due to all the yum yum yummy food stands….. pupusas, tamales, latkes, cupcakes, cake bubbles, apple cinnamon pretzels, and way, way, way more!!! There was even a wine tasting booth… sadly it was 10 am and I couldn’t fathom drinking yet!I ended up just getting some delicious produce! A beefsteak tomato the size of my head, fresh zucchini, avocado, peppers and nectarines!!! I love fresh produce!

After the market I went to yoga with my friends Justin and Michelle, we needed to detox from Michelle’s bday party last night! It was a good class and I definitely sweat out all my toxins! I ran a few more errands, and then came home and made a wonderful lunch!!

Here, because I knwo you love seeing my ridiculous night out pics.. are a few for you!

Tequila Lime Shrimp with Nectarine Avocado Pepper salad!!

OMG was this delicious!!!


1 Nectarine

1/2 red pepper

1/4 cantelope

1/2 avocado

5 cut up grape tomatoes

grilled Tequila Lime Shrimp Skewers ($1.50 from WF!!!)

This was fresh and summery and perfect after Hot Power Fusion!!

Since ya know I have been eating so healthy…… it was time for a treat…..FRO YO BABY!! I know… but I have been so good, and  it was part of my NEEDS!!! MMMM it was good, but I think once a week is ok with me! I actually have really enjoyed this first week of Paleo and just eating as many fruit and veggies as my little body can fit! Also I had earned a free fro yo.. so who can pass that up? Yea NO ONE!

When I was fully satisfied, and had to leave because teh 14 yr olds sitting next to me (I mean college freshman) were having friend drama that was too funny and I had to fight too hard to not burst out laughing… yea I know bad Meg… but really if you had been there you would have felt the same as me! I went to bring Z’s aunt to the airport! I love driving, especially with new people because I get to make new friends!! Thanks Julia for a fun ride!!!

I came home and made a veggie-tastic dinner!!! Grilled tomato, zucchini, red pepper, asparagus, and avocado!! YUM!! This was too good! No meat which is exactly what I needed because lately I have started to feel a little overwhelmed with all the meat in my diet!  This dinner was fresh and filling in the best possible way! I rounded it out with a baked sweet potato and fruit for dessert!!

Ok now off to go annoy Colleen who is babysitting! I am such a good friend hahaah

Have a good Saturday Night yo!!

Do you have a local farmers market?!?


Peace, love, and be Sperry!!


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