My life is a tangent

It has been a hectic week! I have been trying to study/clean/pack/help my friend pack/cook/workout/consult/work on grad apps/attempt to read articles/relax all week! So tonight’s post which is supa dupa late is also supa dupa tangential!

I figured my GRE problems out and will now be doing private tutoring ( I know you were all losing sleep over that one). All the other school related stuff is taking a back seat for now because I want to simply focus on the GRE.. and then I can finish with everything else!

My friend is leaving next week, well I am leaving with him  to go to Atlanta… but only I am coming back! He is moving home… so I have been helping him pack up his life which is both hilarious and sad at the same time… also frustrating because man some boys are messsyyyy!! And those of you who know me/have seen my closet/room know for me to say that is A LOT because well I have been known to have half my sizeable closet strewn all over the floor in both the walk-in closet and my room… TORNADO… but my goal for this summer is to keep that mess at bay by you know actually hanging stuff up and not just stepping out of it… and leaving it there on my closet floor. I am going away this weekend (BOSTON BABY) and so my friend is staying at my place in my absence  so I have been cleaning/making food that was in his cabinets that he can’t cook/food in my freezer that needed to be put to use for him this weekend!

This weekend starts my two weekend in a row wedding spree… yay! This weekend it is my friend Jen from college! Jen is kind of like my idol… she double majored in Theater (at Tisch which is knid of a big deal) and Pre-Med… and is now in medical school! She and her fiance took a year off and lived in Paris for a year where he proposed! So cute I know.. basically she is the coolest, sweetest, most down to earth girl ever and I am honored and so excited to be going to her wedding!!! My big from my sorority and another ss is in the wedding! Woo for good times with old friends!

yea.. Junior year Halloween.. she was Mystique…. SO COOL! and I was a nerd… win

Also week 2 of Paleo… Pretty good thus far!! Yesterday we went to Cherry Cricket for one of my friends last nights (PEOPLE STOP LEAVING ME) If you live in Denver… GO to the Cricket BEST BURGER!!! I inhaled mine.. sans bun of course because I was STARVING!!! I had a Cricket Burger with Lettuce Tomato and Avocado! Afterwards we went for froyo and I got non dairy pink lemonade.. yea yea the sugars.. whatever I am human and really I got more fruit than yogurt anyways… Yogurt guru had freshly sliced strawberries… not the gooey chunks a lot of places have and huge chunks of Kiwi… I was sold! Afterwards my friend and I went to see Transformers!! In IMAX.. so good… only he lost his wallet mysteriously so the movie was kind of ruined for him…. but I loved it!

I have also been living off of smoothie bowls!! Like I should change my name to Eat, Drink, and be Smoothie… because I have been having a BIG one for breakfast and a small teeny baby one for dessert! I am not a huge banana person so smoothies are a good way for me to sneak them into my diet!

Tonight I had surprise surprise grilled salmon, grilled veggies and a salad! But I ate the salad before the grilled stuff was done due to the fact that I hate waiting… and was hungry! Winner Winner Salmon Dinner! I may turn into a fish soon… It’s fine

In other news today I was reading Courtney’s blog and she answered some questions that I decided I wanted to answer on here! So here goes!
Favorite Cartoon Character: That’s a tough one! Probably Eliza Thornberry! I loved that show… and my Junior year of College we had an old school Nickelodeon mixer where my friends and I went as the Wild Thornberries…. it is a little scary how much I looked like her…..

Favorite Book: Harry Potter, or Shopaholic.. both which were made into movies that I am ehh about.. although I do like the HP movies far better than the ridiculous sham that was Shopaholic… she wasn’t even British!!!!
Favorite Clothes: Nautical themed anything… or Lilly Dresses… are you even surprised that it is something nautical??? Of course not

yes… this picture ACTUALLY happened… and no I am not drunk… I am just that much of a ridiculous human being.. and yes I did wear goggles… not for that long… but they were on…

Favorite Flowers: Snap Dragons …. I used to always make my parents plant them!

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice.. one I love Kiera Knightly even if she is too skinny.. and it is my favorite love story… and Darcy is HOT… and yea I love period films

Favorite Food to Cook: hmmm probably grilled salmon and veggies!
Favorite Breakfast: Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Waffles and eggs.. in HS to raise money for the yearly trip to Namibia, Africa the current group would sell these bomb waffles during lunch… and then you top them with more sugar.. That was always my lunch on Wednesdays along with a cherry coke… until I kicked that habit! I want to recreate those waffles sometime.. but healthier
Favorite Workout: Yoga Sculpt and Spinning… I LOVE spinning.. I don’t do it as much anymore but in NYC I did it once or twice a day! Especially once I found SoulCycle and FlyWheel! If you live in NYC… go to these studios… it is worth the price! Also if you read this blog at all you know I can;t live without my yoga sculpt.. every day it pushes me to new limits and reminds me of muscles I didn’t know I had! I can honestly say that on almost a year of doing it I think I have maybe had one mediocre class!
Favorite Thing to Photograph: My friends and family… these people are ridiculous in the best possible way… how can I capture every moment of that?


yea need I say more on that? These people make my life worth living.. soooo they are my favorite thing to photograph!! Smile pretty kids!!!

Ok… now I am off to bed! hope you enjoyed the `1234567890009876543 pictures I have shared with you!

It’s your turn to answer the questions now!! Or just tell me fun facts about your life sil vous plait!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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