How to Deal with Stress… and Happy BDAY BIG!!

First can I say HAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY to one of my FAVORITE people ever!!! My dear big sister (sorority) Nicole!!! Nicole is someone I look up to because of how strong she is and also because of her hard work and how she has done whatever it takes to reach her goals and find a job she loves!! She is also absolutely ridiculous and together we are the best kind of a mess!

Love you biggie!!!

So today I want to talk about stress! I have beeen supa supa supa stressed lately, especially today! Crying/feeling pukey/ not being able to finish my lunch ( THAT NEVER HAPPENS!) al over a test that will be over in a few days but is pretty important.. at least it feels like right now it is the end all be all of my life!

Stress can be all consuming, devastating, and take an awful emotional toll as well as a physical toll! While I have once or twice hidden my sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s I try not to stress eat junk food because in the end it makes me feel worse.. and then I am stressed about gaining weight! Instead I call my mom or work it out! I am really bad at calling friends when I am stressed mostly because I believe no wants to hear my stuff and I don’t want to burden someone who may be having a great day ¬†otherwise! Silly I know… lucky mom since she is my go to ūüôā The best way though for me really is to work it out! Usually when I am stressed I have the best workout because I can put all that bad energy into something else and really push myself!

Today I warmed up with 10 minutes on high incline

5 minutes on high on the stair stepper

15 minute hill run

10 minutes cool down on the elliptical

Ideally someday I will not allow stress to affect me in such a negative way… but for now that is not really happening! And so I wanted to open up the discussion of how do you relieve or deal with stress? Do you eat/work out/ call your mom,sister,bffl,so?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


The Great Debate


Breaking News… yesterday not only did I cook ¬†my own dinner…. I BAKED COOKIES!!! Yea… it was amazing.. I was begining to have withdrawal!

For dinns last night:

Steamed mussels (some of them were suspect tho but the seafood guy at WF was so cute and funny!)

Grilled Scallops with a tomato/avocado salad and grilled asparagus

Yummmm  I LOVE SEAFOOOD! Which is probably why I had it again for dinner tonight!!!!

I had a romantic date tonight with…myself! I got sushi from WF and had wine, sushi, edamame, and watermelon by my pool! It was wonderful and a nice relaxing hour spent reading and eating! And there was an adorable little girl with her dad in the pool who said “Daddy you aren’t skinny are you?” BAHAHHAHA I literally laughed outloud….. oops

I also had a kickass Yoga Sculpt class today followed by an elliptical sesh!

OKKK now to the meat of this post

SOOOO Obviously I shared my brief failing foray into Paleo… I mean I am still trying kind of… but really I love fro yo and it ain’t going no where in ma diet ….. yea that just happened

But I wanted to discuss vegetarianism vs veganism vs pescatarian vs carnivore vs paleo

I have actually tried all of the above and not even just to lose weight! I read Skinny Bitch ( scariest book I have ever read… scarier than Goosebumps) summer after my Sophomore year after my friend had read it and recommended it to me… BAH well I was vegetarian for the rest of that summer.. and for a month I tried being vegan… only I needed FRO YO and I went to the beach… and really at the Delaware shore you eat crabs… it is actually mandatory! ¬†I love veggies and fruits and could eat them all day err day but I found that I needed protein… I work out a lot and I felt that I had too much soy and fake protein filling my body. So for the rest of college I was mostly pescatarian …. and that is actually my favorite way to eat because as we know I love fish… especially salmon and shrimpies and scallops…. I rarely ate red meat… until I moved here… and now I LOVE IT…. its the only meat I get at Chipotle, and I like to order burgers occasionally but I still won’t make it all that much!

However I have found especially on Paleo that when I eat too much meat I feel gross.. and I think it is because I recognize the rotting flesh making it’s way through my digestive system… (yea sorry for that) but I still love it.. basically it is a conundrum! However lately especialy after readong my latest issue of Cooking Light I am vowing to eat mostly fish and at least one day of completely vegetarian meals! Veggies fill you up and make you feel healthy and strong… only down side a lot of vegetarian meals have carbs involved and that is hard when you try to stay on Paleo! Thank goodness for Zucchini “noodles” and Spaghetti Squash!

Does anyone else have this problem of wanting to incorporate veg meals without all the carbs and losing out on protein??

Obvs if I could eat like this all day err day and not gain 125659 lbs I totes would!

my cutest friend Cara when we were feeding each other my 22nd bday cake....

Instead just gotta emulate this kid

yea we are obviously related

Ok I am off to bed as it is late an I am one tired cupcake!

I will post the cookie recipe I made tomorrow!!!

Thoughts on the Great Food Debate?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

$210 dollars poorer and bad dates

And not on something cool like:



yea you get the point ahhaha anyways…. MY CAR GOT TOWED LAST NIGHT!!!!!! I went to happy hour with these adorable people:¬†

we played trivia but lost.. ūüė¶ and when I went back to my car…. IT WAS GONE!!!!! Imagine my temporary flip out, call to the towing company, and then to Twink to come pick me up because she is a saint!

I had to wait to get it this morning! So I woke up, took the lightrail to DU, worked out, consulted and then one of my other favorite friends drove me to the impound lot! 1.5 hours in traffic and good conversation finally got us to my sweet sweet Libby!

Thanks I-Robot!

Now my car is back in my possession but I had to pay $210 to get her out ūüė¶

So I was thinking of what to write about today since 1. I havent cooked all week so have no food to show you, and two my workout while awesome (10 min warm up, 10 minutes of 1 min on one minute off sprints, and 10 minutes fast up hill walking on 15) I cannot devote a whole post to it! So Clemson (my friend Shawn) suggested I talk about bad dates!

Now I don’t really actually date, like I have been on dates but usually it was with guys I was dating after meeting them in hs/college through friends etc! But like awkward I just met you first dates… I have two such experiences because most of the time I never even make it to the first date… my interest was waned But you know those dates that the whole time you are either grappling for something to say (mostly because 3 of your friends are at the table next to you and it is taking all of your will power not to talk to them instead) or you are wishing the person would STOP talking! Sooo today I wanted to open up a discussion about good vs bad dates and what is that sticking point… the point that says hmmm yes I think I will want to date this person more… or OMG get away from me NOW!

For me it is all about personality… and well looks a little bit but especially lately I have learned to look past the more superficial aspects of a person. But if someone can make me laugh even when I am distraught about what to do because my car has been towed or I am super stressed etc that is a keeper. Someone who can keep up with me.. I talk A LOT and so someone who one can listen but also talks a lot… if not then I dominate the situation and it isn’t equal… and that is lame! I also hate when during a date, guys make assumptions about you or start teasing you right off the bat.. I get it I am ridiculous.. just read this post to know that.. but can you wait till you know you actually know me to make fun of me? Also I like to quote movies sooo you need to be able to keep up with that and quote back… other wise it is super awkward and someone looks dumb…

So what makes you happy in a relationship or on a date? WHat do you look for in a SO, or what attracted you about your SO… also bad date stories… lemme hear em!

Hopefully we can all be like this couple who is the happiest/best couple I know


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


Happy Tuesday!

Breahhhhhh I want this week to be OVER and for it to me 9 pm next Monday night! I am tired of GRE work and I want to go on vacation! I need a break from Denver.. (but not you Collen and Twink you can be with me forever)

Anyway this week I am anti cooking… I just can’t even do it… so lots of take out for me! Today I had a HUGEMONGUS Cafe Rio salad.. sooo good only like dinner I didn’t take a picture of it because I was a hungry hungry hippo! Dinner was Pei Wei Kung Pao shrimp!!!yum yum yum food tastes so much better when you don’t prepare it yourself!

Soo today I have a fun game for you… its called NEEEEDSSSS

my ridiculous friend Clemson does this silly thing where he lists his needs:

Ex:While I sit and debate the wonders of life these are my current needs for the day

1. to ride around a panda for one mile
2. to have kesha sing a song stating she wants to wake up in the morning feeling like clems
3. ice cream cake
4. to wonder if melissa and meg both think of twinkies when the hear the word “twink”
5. to know if colleen really knows how storks deliver babies
6. a snickers bar
7. to become the orange power ranger
8. 2 mini sized hot dogs
9. french poodle
10. to have rebecaa black this is my moment o repeat
11. to have selena gomez who says on repeat in other room
12. a white polar bear who drinks coke
13. to know why santa claus is so jolly, is he hiding somehting?
14. to star in an episode of boy meets world and be topanga man lover

this photo NEEDED to be shared

this is half of a larger list…. his past need have included Party Rock on repeat, To know why the rum is gone, and several other insanely idiotic rambling type phrases

Twink and I have jumped on board and started creating our own lists!


5. Yogurtland
6. 12 bottles of wine… To myself
7. A pitcher of daiquiris
8. Last Friday night on repeat
9. The one tree hill disk I randomly lost
11. Vegas
12. A new camera
13. A zebra and a giraffe as personal pets
14. Red velvet cupcakes
15. Free season pass to Water World
16. A hole in one
17. A drum machine
18. Goo goo dolls
19. Katy Perry and Russell Brandt at my bday party
20. My own reality tv show
21. A date with Ryan Reynolds
22. To be best friends with Chelsea Handler
23. My little bro to be president
24. Bitches no rubbers
25. Every Disney movie
26. To go to Harry Potter world
27. To be best friends with Lonely Island
28. To be in a Will Ferrell movie
29. To have a Tornado roller coaster named after me
30. To travel the world in a yacht with Twink
1. more ice cream cake (but the ice cream sandwiches in my freezer will have to do)
2. for party rock to be the first song that plays when i get in the car to go to work tomorrow
3. to go swimming with dolphins in hawaii, since last night we discovered i am a dolphin whisperer
4. motivation to start my running again
5. cherries
6. more sangria
7. to go to the moon
8. to finish watching all of the grey’s seasons
9. to fly a dragon kite
10. coffee
11. meet rafael nadal
12. win the lottery
13. a season pass to go to water world with youu

Twink is super cute

As you can tell… Needs lists are basically the greatest thing ever.. and everyone should make them because they are HILARIOUS and great ways to pass time when you are at a dinner that drives you crazy or boring bar, waiting in line, hanging out on the coach etc
soooo It is NEEEDS Tuesday…
1. I NEEED to focus on my GRE
2. Guiliana Ransic NEEDS to eat 8 hamburgers and stop talking in cliches (but I love her)
3. a unicorn
4. a brick oven for pizza
5. to know why people would ever get sleeves (tattoos)
6. to see Captain America
7. to bake cookies for fun
8. to see the Help ( I love the book!!)
You also NEED to do this workout!
Today I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at the gym so I hopped on the treadmill and some how this happened!
1-10 minutes 6 mph
10-20 1 minute sprint (8-9 mph) and 1 minute walking 4 mph
20-30 start at 7mph and go up 1 mph every minute
30-40 1 minute sprint (8-9 mph) and 1 minute walking 4 mph
40-52 start at 7mph and go up 1 mph every minute
52-60 walking up hill at 4 mph at 15
I did 6. 5 miles in 60 minutes!!! and 6 in 52 minutes which is a new best time for me!!!
This workout was rough but also fun because I kept switching things up!
and because I am crazy I did 30 minutes of the elliptical after nannying
soooo what are YOUR needs? Seriously make a list… it is awesome and inspires creative thinking!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


I Scream You Scream We All Scream For ICE CREAM… Cake!!!


I know another weekend another 3 days without a post! It is becoming a bad bad bad habit! I promise I am not doing anything other than studying and packing so I will have plenty of time for all you! And I will spoil you eith all of my random thoughts and a recipe or five!

So this weekend Collen (Colleen) graduated from her MBA!! I wanted to do a post all about her on Friday but didn’t have time! Why you ask? Baby Bro needed an impromptu ride back to Boulder from Denver during rush hour… sweet THANKS Kev! I got home in time to clean up before getting take out on my way to Melissa’s now to be known at Twink! Friday night was the first of two nights of celebration in Collen’s honor! We started at Twink’s with homemade Sangria! While stuck in traffic on Friday I perused FB and found Kristin’s recipe for this delicious Sangria!!! OMG this was bomb….

The Best Sangria Ever

from Iowa Girl Eats


1 bottle merlot (ok I used a 1.5 liter bottle….)

1 lemon, cut into wedges

1 orange, cut into wedges

2-3 Tablespoons sugar (I didn’t use any!)

1 shot rum¬†(….6)

2-3 cups Ginger Ale (I used Diet)

Other fruit: strawberries

Combine wine, lemon slices, orange slices, sugar and rum into a pitcher. Muddle with the back of a large spoon to get the fruit to release some of its juice, and to dissolve the sugar if using.  Put into the fridge. Just before serving, stir in club soda/ginger ale. Serve over ice and fruit.

It is a must…. everyone loved it!

Needless to say…. Saturday morning was a bit of a strugss… but we made it up and out and back to Twinks to walk to the Farmers Market! I love this Farmers Market! Wrigs did too… he got a lot of attention and had fun with all the other dogs! We did some shopping and exploring before choosing our food! I decided on a veggie Pupusa!! OMG soooo goood! This was my first time having one and needless to say it was just what the doctor ordered! Afterwards we crawled,struggled,cried ¬†walked back to Twink’s for some nap by the pool time! I wish I had gotten a picture of Collen passed out on her raft with one arm on the side of the pool… priceless! After an hour or two I parted ways to go get the ingredients to make the first of two ice cream cakes for a BBQ at Collen’s parents! It was her moms bday as well so we had a lot to celebrate! Unfortunately I did not give it enough time to solidify completely and we had CAKETASTROPHE! aka it melted! My three beautiful layers of coffee, mint, and cookies and cream became one layer of all the flavors! It still got eaten completely and had rave reviews soooo I am not too upset about it! And it was more entertaining! Her parents made an amazing dinner of Pecan crusted Tilapia, green beans, Artichoke Brown Rice and fruit salad! SOOOO GOOOD!

After dinner we went back to Collen’s for part two! I was pretty tired/full and so I refrained from drinking more than 1 and a half glasses of wine and half a Blue Moon We then bar hopped before ending up at Cowboy Lounge which is a bar that specializes in country music and dancing! It was fun but we were all pretty tired! We ended teh night in another sleepover at Collen’s! Twink and I left early the next morning so I could get back to Wrigs and go for a nice run! We ended up doing about six miles over all with a little bit of walking thrown in!

I came home, did GRE work, and made ice cream cake #2! Last night was my Grandma’s 80th bday so the entire family go together to celebrate!

This time I made the cake early and transported it in a bag with ice and my AC cranked all the way up!

It was a big hit!!! Ice cream cakes are the best treat for a summer celebration and are easy to put together as well!

Here is what I did:

I made a chocolate cake split into two pans using this recipe.. omg was it moist and delicious and wonderful!

I used one layer of Cookies and Cream

1 layer of Oreo Cookies crumbled up

1 layer of Min Chocolate Chip


Cool Whip frosting!

I decorated it with more Oreos!

SOOO good! Try it you will impress everyone!

Ok gotta go pick up little monster man from school!

If you could make an Ice Cream Cake which flavors would you use?

What did you do this weekend?

When you go out do you like chill bars or dance bars? I am more of a chill bar kind of girl but I DO love to dance!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

No Longer In High School

Oh Em Gee

Today after consulting I got in the pool to swim with one of the elite club swimmers and do the set assigned to ¬†her….. a set 5 years ago I would have complained about but completed with some ease…. tonight I died!! Omg I haven’t done sets on time in years, and I forgot how much extra you push yourself to make that time to get a few seconds of rest!

Tonights workout looked like this:

900 warm up (3 x 200 stroke 100 kick)

16x 75 kick (2 x 4 flutter kick, 4 choice)

3x 150s ( 1st- Bk and Fly, 2nd, Bk and Brst, 3rd Bk and Free)

4x 75 (1st Fly, 2nd Bck, 3rd Brst, 4th Free)

100 cool down

There was more to the set but after an hour I called it quits because poor Wrigs was awaiting me at home (I had been away since 1:30) and he needed a quality walk before dinner!

My workout today made me feel old and out of shape! Until I remembered I haven’t competed since 2006 and do not train to compete anymore! Ever since this weekend I have been a tad nostalgic for high school, and this set made me nostalgic for my old swimming athleticism! I worked hard for it because I had to, and I miss the feelings that came with doing well in swimming! I have somewhat replaced them with running, but it isn’t quite the same! I keep contemplating joining the master’s swimteam.. soo we shall see if I have time this fall!

It is funny looking back on high school and seeing how much things have changed, but also how little some things have changed!

Things that have changed:

1. I am actually closer to some of my HS friends now than I was back then!

2. I used to be able to eat a pint of ice cream a night without guilt! That and regular cherry coke, candy straws and a whole bevy of unhealthy foods.. now I eat much healthier

"can we eat this right out of the oven?"

3. I used to let drama and gossip dominate my world, now I deal with it better and more maturely, aka I am slightly less melodramatic

woe is me.. I am going to sit and pout over drama... and look at pictures

4. I was much louder and more obnoxious

" I will not look at you because you are so weird"

5. I am closer to my parents now, and I think my brothers as well

6. I am more aware of how my actions affect other people

7. I workout when I want doing what I want now, not because I feel I have to due to swimming or parental obligation, or PE

8. I am now going to be a psychologist.. in hs I wanted to be a journalist… and a housewife


Things that have not changed

1. I still love to change my hair (see all the pics posted)

2. I am still just as talkative

3. my friends for the most part

4. I still love  a party, and any occasion to be with my friends

5. I still dance and sing in my car

6. I still love the OC and OTH (not the new seasons though)

7. Being an athlete is still a huge part of my life and will probably always be

8. I still love hearing old/new ACS gossip

9. I still spend too much time at Starbucks

10. My picture faces never change.. aka anything but a smile

I am not normal

so gangsta?

11. I get excited over the silliest, smallest things

ok who wouldn't be stoked for this limo?

12. I am still t he one who takes way too many pics! In HS they covered my walls!

Anyways I am sure there are more but the thing is it is amazing what a difference five years can make! I still can’t believe I am 23, getting a masters and then hopefully PhD, and am who I am at this point in my life! AM I am where I thought I would ¬†be? NO WAY! Back then one I thought I was going to KU, probably one of the first to get married, and would have been fine working at a small newspaper.. maybe.. I never thought I would be on this path but everything happens for a reason and I can honestly say I am happy for who I am today. I am not perfect and have many flaws but those events and less than stellar characteristics are part of me, and part of growing up! Funny how a workout can put me down that tangent huh?

Any who it is time to leave Starbucks now.. ¬†Wrigley will be waiting and I was supposed to be doing work… but the website wasn’t working!!

How have you changed from HS or College?

Has your athleticism increased or decreased?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Ridiculous me

I am a ridiculous human being.. seriously… I should have my own reality tv show… and have been saying that basically since I was 18 years old, but like a classy one like ¬†Laguna Beach… not Jersey Shore… or Ice loves Coco (which ps… have you seen it? WHY do these ppl have a show.. WHY?)

I was just thinking about this as in my head I am singing “I’m on a Boat”…. which is normal… I constantly have either a Lonely Island song in my head, Ho by Ludacris or some other ridiculous song soooo I decided to come up with a list of reasons why I am teh most ridiculous person on the planet

1. I dance… CONSTANTLY… in the car, in my room, on a run, in yoga, while talking, in class, probably in my sleep, on airplanes etc… basically anywhere even if it isn’t socially acceptable

2. I randomly break into musical interludes where I will sing and or dance… in public

"I'm on a boat and it's going fast and I've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan"

3. The songs I know by heart are Ho, I’m on a Boat, most Blink 182, and several Eminem songs, and of course Don’t Stop Believing, because you can’t go to college and NOT know that song

4. I love dressing up… like seriously any chance for a creative costume and I’m there!

5. I re-read books constantly

6. I re-watch series yearly

7. I can make myself laugh at nothing… and laugh for a good 10 minutes about ¬†it.. people usually stare it’s fine

8. I am that girl who at 2 am will get out of bed and pick her friends up.. just because I can’t say ¬†no

9. I went to the #1 Douchiest College… awesome

10. I take more pictures than any one else I know on a nightly basis… something I was infamous for in college, especially because they were up and tagged by 9 am….

11. I can’t make decisions to save my life.. or well I usually know what I want but take forever making it official! I.E. this summer when I have changed my travel plans 12345678909876 times and changed several flights

12. The way to my heart is humor, the ability to quote the same movies I can, eating everything I bake, shared love of froyo, going to movies with me because I love the movie theater… and blockbusters…especially in the summer, be ok with the fact that when I get really into sports games I yell.. throw things, ¬†allow my independence.. no stage five clingers for me, be a good talker/listener… I talk tooo much so I need someone who can keep up, genuine… no bs sil vous plait

13. I will randomly throw French and Italian phrases into my sentences like sil vous plait, je ne sais pas etc

14. When I watch my teams I am a bit of a tool.. aka I yell but usually not in public…. March Madness being the exception

15. I can’t take a serious picture… I just won’t do it

Yea… if you have similar qualities then we can be best friends forever… if you think I am super weird now.. at least I hope I entertained you?

As I was typing this I was chowing down (I ate so fast I forgot to photograph sowwy) on a grilled salmon salad with peppers, nectarines, and spinach! I know soooo different from every other day right? I am a creature of habit and salmon is my favorite form of protein.. and I didn’t eat it for two whole weeks!!! I know crazy right? I love the addition of fruit in salads… the pop of sweetness and crunch of the nectarine is bomb!

I also had another kick butt Sculpt class today but this time no light headedness! yay! Now I am off to run errands before consulting! I may swim tonight as well… I haven’t been in the pool in 2 weeks :/

Tell me a ridiculous fact about you!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry

All About Wrigley!

So this week I have a very special house guest!!! WRIGLEY!!!! Wrigley is munchkin man’s dog and I get to hang out with him all week!! Wrigs is a goldendoodle and my bffl or well one of them! Seriously this dog is a g and when I get a dog I want it to be just like Wrigley!

please stop singing and dancing....


I can't even look at you

who looks like a tool now? Yea still you but Ill kiss you anyways

can we cuddle and stop taking pictures?

I am going to steal that sailors hat.. it will look better on me anyways

So today’s post is basically just about him… but I have some food and workouts thrown in there too! Three delicious meals were had today!


Baked sweet potato with two drippy eggs! I was really craving eggs over potatoes this morning which is my favorite combination of things when I go out for breakfast!

I garnished it with some homemade pesto from last night’s dinner!

After breakfast I hung out did some odds and ends and then had a two hour GRE tutoring session! It was much better today than Monday.. I am making progress yay!!!

Then I made lunch… Grilled BBQ Chicken with a salad of avocado, nectarine, pepper and spinach!

SOOOO goood! Grilling+BBQ= definitely something I love!

After doing some more work, and watching an episode of OTH, it was time for yoga sculpt!! Oyy was this a hard one today! I actually had to sit in child’s pose for a bit because I almost passed out…:/

A practice test awaited me at home with the promise of a run after!!! At 7pm I leashed up wrigs and went out for a quick 3 miler!! I did the whole thing at a sub 8:40 which is something I never do!! Chalk it up to my awesome running buddy!!!

finally you are running at a decent pace.. let's go now

if you keep dancing I will keep ignoring you and staring at the Prairie dogs... who are WAY cooler than you ps

We walked a mile home and made lots of new doggy friends! I was starvin marvin so I whipped up grilled salmon and veggies!!I haven’t had my grilled salmon in a while since I have been so busy on vacay!! This was! Grilled tomatoes, grilled asparagus and grilled peppers! mmm mmm good in ma belly!!!

Now I am finally relaxing and watch more OTH!! love this show it is soooo dramatic!

What is your Wednesday filled with?

Do you have a dog that you love?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Here, There, Everywhere

Lately I have  been here there and everywhere! Literally I have been gone the past three weekends!  I am changing my name to Eat, Drink, and Travel! I am here for two weeks and two full weekends until I am back on the road again! This time I promise to bring my actual laptop and post from all locations!!

So first things first, my GRE tutoring is kicking my butt! I HATE math so much! and I get so frustrated on the math! any tips for succeeding in math?

GRRR geometry makes me angryyyyy

Second…. I am finally back on Paleo track!! well today… yesterday I failed and had Yogurtland! Whatever I can fail paleo for that because it is sooo good! I have never been to Yogurtland but heard about it from others!!! OMG soo good!! I am keeping fro yo in my life.. I can’t do without it!

these two and yogurtland make me happy!

mmmm fro yo coma

Yeaa… heaven!

This past weekend I was in Beaver Creek with baby bro Kev and family friends who have a house there! On Saturday night we grilled up flank steaks with corn and baked potatoes! soooooo yummy!!!! And then we proceeded to drink too much wine and reminisce about our old town and schoool! On Sunday we went for a two hour hike to Beaver Lake!

soo pretty! I love the mountains in the summer!!! After our hike we went to lunch and watched the USA-Japan game! At lunch Kev and I had the best burgers!! They came with carmelized onion…. OMG… SOOO GOOD!

Now I am back to my usual summer staples of grilled salmon/shrimp/chicken and veggies! Today’s lunch was bomb! I had Grilled shrimp, on a salad of avocado, nectarine, salsa, orange peppers, and corn! SOOO yummy!!

followed by a chocolate-strawberry smoothie cup/bowl!

my smoothie was a pick me up in the middle of my study session! Ugh now back to more work… woo woo

Have you done a lot of traveling  this summer?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

100th Post!!

OMG my post on Tuesday was my 100th post… I realized this after the fact or ¬†I would have been waaaayyyy more excited about it!!

Any who thank you for reading all 100 of my crazy posts!! Love you guyysss, couldn’t be here without you!

Also….. HP COMES OUT TONIGHT!!!! Yes I will be one of THOSE people seeing it at 12pm!!! I mean really how could I not? My partner in crime, Melissa will be joining me!!

I cannot WAIT for this.. like am counting down the hours!!!!! yay!!

On another tangent I owe you guys a recipe.. ok like 2.. sooo I will share with you the Pound Cake!!! Seriously soo good… a must make for summer BBQS!

I found the recipe on All Recipes!

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
1 1/2 cups butter
3 cups white sugar
6 eggs
3 cups all-purpose flour ( I used whole wheat flour)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
whipped cream
whatever fruit you want!!!
Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (160 degrees C) grease and flour a 10 inch tube pan.
In a large bowl, cream butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add sugar gradually and beat until fluffy.
Add eggs two at a time, beating well with each addition. Add the flour all at once and mix in. Add vanilla.
Pour into a 10 inch tube pan. Bake at 325 degrees F (160 degrees C) for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Check for doneness at 1 hour. A toothpick inserted into center of cake will come out clean.
I baked the cake in a regular round cake pan because for some reason I no longer have a bundt pan! I topped the cake with fresh whipped cream as well as blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries in a flag pattern!! Seriosly make this cake its soooo good! It got rave reviews tooo!
This week since last weekend has been a wash Paleo wise! I need to get back on that wagon! assapppp however today it was totally worth it because I went to froyo…. and guess what they had…. BUTTER BEER!!!!! yess… awesome I am such a nerd!!!!
yea creepy eyes…. I learned it from this guy
Before shoving 18lbs of froyo in my body (i kinda wish I could go back for seconds) I had a pimped out salad from Cafe Rio! I got the basic salad and added fresh pepper slices more guacamole and grilled shrimp!!!! sooo goood!!!!
Yea I ¬†have gotten weirder now that I am all alone! And my relaxing week has been too busy and not relaxing AT ALL! I haven’t even really had time to put away my laundered clothes/organize/breathe! I haven’t even done two a days this week!! Next week however I am off work and can dooo everything I need/want to do!!! yay!!!!
This morning in between my babysitting shifts I went for an hour bike ride! In Denver you can rent bikes and ride them around! It is awesome and they have a handy dandy basket!! I had the best time riding in the sunshine and seeing all the other people out enjoying the sunshine (it started storming about three hours later with thunder,hail, and pouring rain!) I was glad I skipped yoga and enjoyed the outdoors for a bit! I haven’t spent as much time outside as I wanted too in the past week so this was much needed!
Yea… I obviously always take normal pictures… and look super cool 100% of the time… that weird smile… yea it was on my face the WHOLE time…. I obviously made friends…
Ok there is more I want to share but this post is toooooo long! sooo I will say byebye and go do GRE work until it is time to go!!!! 1 hour till I go line up!!!!
Are you seeing HP? 
Do you go see midnight premieres? This will be my second one of the summer!! Transformers was the first!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!