And then I got chased by a bird

Happy Belated 4th everbody!!

This weekend was crazy and the rest of the week was even crazier so I will try and post buuuttt if I don’t dont hate me pwease!

So this weekend I was in BOSTON for my friend Jen’s wedding!! It was so beautiful and had even a slightly cynical romantic like me in tears! There were a bunch of girls from my sorority there including several that I lived with! It was awesome to see them again in such a special event and meet new people! The groom went to Dartmouth and most of his fraternity and acapella group were there! It was also my first non family wedding so I felt quite grown up!



the happy couple!

DPHIE does a wedding! Yea I don't take real pictures



reunited and it feels so gooood


each table was named after a place the couple traveled! Each table marker was a picture of them in that place! so cute and original!smy big and friend Brea were bridesmaids! so pretty!

Now for The 4th!

yes.. Amurica sunglasses and KEYSTONE light!


I left early Sunday morning in order to come back to Denver for the 4th festivities! On Sunday night we went to Colleens for a chill BBQ, endless desserts, and hot tubbing! I made an amazing pound cake with whipped cream and fruit! I will share the recipe tomorrow!Yesterday for the 4th, my friend Melissa had a BBQ! I made a cookie cake.. that we decorated in a truly American Fashion, and the best BBQ chicken dip ever!! Again those recipes will be upcoming! It was a good night filled with food, games and fun!

AMURRICA... this was BOMB


yes... I am patriotic

we were obsessed with bubbles

yes... we have a luge


this is my new bffl Jennie

Today I hung out with baby Hudson all day and went for a run this evening when I got home! The craziest thing happened too.. a black bird started randomly chasing me! I heard a cawwing and looked up to see a bird swooping down on me, following me as I ran!!! so I sped up and raced until I lost him! So crazy!

Now I am off to relax before my road trip to Atlanta tomorrow!! woooo!!!

What did you do for the 4th?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!