Love, Love, Love

Oh hello there friends… miss me?

I missed you guys!!!! I know gone for so long but it doesn’t mean I love you readers… I really do! But Wednesday-Monday I didn’t really have internet! I could have blogged on my phone… but bleh I’m not a fan of that idea!

So to recap last week… road trip to South Carolina with my friend Shawn!!! This was a great two days, Shawn has become a really important part of my life this summer, and he was moving back to SC so it was good to spend a few more days with him!!!

We spent one afternoon/night in SC before heading back to ATL! While there, we went to dinner at a drive in Japanese restaurant! This was definitely a first, but it was really good! I had seared scallops with veggies and fried rice! If you are ever in Powdersville, SC go to Atamis it’s worth it!! For lunch we went to Zaxbys which is a chicken restaurant!! To me this was wayy better than Chik-fil-A or any other chicken restaurant I had been too! I had a grilled chicken salad and lemonade!! Can I tell you right now I really like southern food? Especially the emphasis on chicken… pretty sure I had a chicken salad every day!!  I also just love how nice everyone is, and the accents, and the prepiness.. and basically I may move there! Only the humidity is a MAJOR drawback!

Sooo the whole reason I was in ATL was for my friend Kathleen’s wedding!!!! Holy moly… this was a beautiful wedding! I am so lucky to be invited to two incredible weddings two weekends in a row!

My friends Colleen, Ian, Barry, Shawn and I were all staying at the JW Marriot in Buckhead! It was a ridiculous three night sleep over that was too hilarious, ridiculous, and filled with great times!

On Friday, we the dinner at Houston’s before heading out to celebrate the night before the wedding with Kathleen, Andrew and all of their friends! It was great to meet all the other people in Kat’s life and make new friends! Not to mention spend more quality time with my wonderful crew!!!

Saturday was wedding day!!!

Barry woke us all up early trying to get us out and about… before passing out an hour later, so Colleen, Ian and I went for a workout! Colleen chose the gym, while Ian and I decided to tackle the humidity and go for a four mile hill run! Whew.. seriously it was nice being at sea level…. but Hotlanta is no joke!!! Humidity+Hills= death… but it was a great time with Ian, I usually don’t run well with others but this really pushed me! After cooling off in the pool it was time to shower and grab lunch in the mall!! After lunch, Colleen and I hit up Sephora to get our makeup done! It was a day to pamper ourselves and that we did!

Finally it was wedding time!!! The ceremony was gorgeous, and I have never seen a more radiantly happy couple!!! Andrew and Kathleen are truly meant to be together, that couple that makes you believe in soulmates! They are loving to each other as well as all those in their lives, and their happiness and joy in life is infectious! Congrats you guys and thank you for including me!!!!

The reception was at their country club, and it was so gorgeous! They had a bunch of food choices such as crab claws, shrimp cocktail, grilled cheese station, southern specialties, grilles veggies, cheese, and much more! It was casual and yet incredibly ritzy at the same time, but a great comfortable atmosphere and a great party!!



The next morning, we went to a brunch at Kathleen’s house! It was beautiful and the food… OMG the food was out of this world!! Cheesy egg and veggie, and egg and sausage casseroles, cheesy grit casserole, fresh fruit, pastries, and mimosas/bloody marys! Her family was so gracious and it was great to get to know them!! Barry was obsessed with the grits… he went back for at least 10 helpings! It is my goal to recreate those casseroles!!! SO yummy!


This post is supa long so I will finish my trip tomorrow!!



What is your dream wedding?

Have you gone to any weddings this summer?

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!






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