Here, There, Everywhere

Lately I have  been here there and everywhere! Literally I have been gone the past three weekends!  I am changing my name to Eat, Drink, and Travel! I am here for two weeks and two full weekends until I am back on the road again! This time I promise to bring my actual laptop and post from all locations!!

So first things first, my GRE tutoring is kicking my butt! I HATE math so much! and I get so frustrated on the math! any tips for succeeding in math?

GRRR geometry makes me angryyyyy

Second…. I am finally back on Paleo track!! well today… yesterday I failed and had Yogurtland! Whatever I can fail paleo for that because it is sooo good! I have never been to Yogurtland but heard about it from others!!! OMG soo good!! I am keeping fro yo in my life.. I can’t do without it!

these two and yogurtland make me happy!

mmmm fro yo coma

Yeaa… heaven!

This past weekend I was in Beaver Creek with baby bro Kev and family friends who have a house there! On Saturday night we grilled up flank steaks with corn and baked potatoes! soooooo yummy!!!! And then we proceeded to drink too much wine and reminisce about our old town and schoool! On Sunday we went for a two hour hike to Beaver Lake!

soo pretty! I love the mountains in the summer!!! After our hike we went to lunch and watched the USA-Japan game! At lunch Kev and I had the best burgers!! They came with carmelized onion…. OMG… SOOO GOOD!

Now I am back to my usual summer staples of grilled salmon/shrimp/chicken and veggies! Today’s lunch was bomb! I had Grilled shrimp, on a salad of avocado, nectarine, salsa, orange peppers, and corn! SOOO yummy!!

followed by a chocolate-strawberry smoothie cup/bowl!

my smoothie was a pick me up in the middle of my study session! Ugh now back to more work… woo woo

Have you done a lot of traveling  this summer?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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