All About Wrigley!

So this week I have a very special house guest!!! WRIGLEY!!!! Wrigley is munchkin man’s dog and I get to hang out with him all week!! Wrigs is a goldendoodle and my bffl or well one of them! Seriously this dog is a g and when I get a dog I want it to be just like Wrigley!

please stop singing and dancing....


I can't even look at you

who looks like a tool now? Yea still you but Ill kiss you anyways

can we cuddle and stop taking pictures?

I am going to steal that sailors hat.. it will look better on me anyways

So today’s post is basically just about him… but I have some food and workouts thrown in there too! Three delicious meals were had today!


Baked sweet potato with two drippy eggs! I was really craving eggs over potatoes this morning which is my favorite combination of things when I go out for breakfast!

I garnished it with some homemade pesto from last night’s dinner!

After breakfast I hung out did some odds and ends and then had a two hour GRE tutoring session! It was much better today than Monday.. I am making progress yay!!!

Then I made lunch… Grilled BBQ Chicken with a salad of avocado, nectarine, pepper and spinach!

SOOOO goood! Grilling+BBQ= definitely something I love!

After doing some more work, and watching an episode of OTH, it was time for yoga sculpt!! Oyy was this a hard one today! I actually had to sit in child’s pose for a bit because I almost passed out…:/

A practice test awaited me at home with the promise of a run after!!! At 7pm I leashed up wrigs and went out for a quick 3 miler!! I did the whole thing at a sub 8:40 which is something I never do!! Chalk it up to my awesome running buddy!!!

finally you are running at a decent pace.. let's go now

if you keep dancing I will keep ignoring you and staring at the Prairie dogs... who are WAY cooler than you ps

We walked a mile home and made lots of new doggy friends! I was starvin marvin so I whipped up grilled salmon and veggies!!I haven’t had my grilled salmon in a while since I have been so busy on vacay!! This was! Grilled tomatoes, grilled asparagus and grilled peppers! mmm mmm good in ma belly!!!

Now I am finally relaxing and watch more OTH!! love this show it is soooo dramatic!

What is your Wednesday filled with?

Do you have a dog that you love?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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