Ridiculous me

I am a ridiculous human being.. seriously… I should have my own reality tv show… and have been saying that basically since I was 18 years old, but like a classy one like  Laguna Beach… not Jersey Shore… or Ice loves Coco (which ps… have you seen it? WHY do these ppl have a show.. WHY?)

I was just thinking about this as in my head I am singing “I’m on a Boat”…. which is normal… I constantly have either a Lonely Island song in my head, Ho by Ludacris or some other ridiculous song soooo I decided to come up with a list of reasons why I am teh most ridiculous person on the planet

1. I dance… CONSTANTLY… in the car, in my room, on a run, in yoga, while talking, in class, probably in my sleep, on airplanes etc… basically anywhere even if it isn’t socially acceptable

2. I randomly break into musical interludes where I will sing and or dance… in public

"I'm on a boat and it's going fast and I've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan"

3. The songs I know by heart are Ho, I’m on a Boat, most Blink 182, and several Eminem songs, and of course Don’t Stop Believing, because you can’t go to college and NOT know that song

4. I love dressing up… like seriously any chance for a creative costume and I’m there!

5. I re-read books constantly

6. I re-watch series yearly

7. I can make myself laugh at nothing… and laugh for a good 10 minutes about  it.. people usually stare it’s fine

8. I am that girl who at 2 am will get out of bed and pick her friends up.. just because I can’t say  no

9. I went to the #1 Douchiest College… awesome

10. I take more pictures than any one else I know on a nightly basis… something I was infamous for in college, especially because they were up and tagged by 9 am….

11. I can’t make decisions to save my life.. or well I usually know what I want but take forever making it official! I.E. this summer when I have changed my travel plans 12345678909876 times and changed several flights

12. The way to my heart is humor, the ability to quote the same movies I can, eating everything I bake, shared love of froyo, going to movies with me because I love the movie theater… and blockbusters…especially in the summer, be ok with the fact that when I get really into sports games I yell.. throw things,  allow my independence.. no stage five clingers for me, be a good talker/listener… I talk tooo much so I need someone who can keep up, genuine… no bs sil vous plait

13. I will randomly throw French and Italian phrases into my sentences like sil vous plait, je ne sais pas etc

14. When I watch my teams I am a bit of a tool.. aka I yell but usually not in public…. March Madness being the exception

15. I can’t take a serious picture… I just won’t do it

Yea… if you have similar qualities then we can be best friends forever… if you think I am super weird now.. at least I hope I entertained you?

As I was typing this I was chowing down (I ate so fast I forgot to photograph sowwy) on a grilled salmon salad with peppers, nectarines, and spinach! I know soooo different from every other day right? I am a creature of habit and salmon is my favorite form of protein.. and I didn’t eat it for two whole weeks!!! I know crazy right? I love the addition of fruit in salads… the pop of sweetness and crunch of the nectarine is bomb!

I also had another kick butt Sculpt class today but this time no light headedness! yay! Now I am off to run errands before consulting! I may swim tonight as well… I haven’t been in the pool in 2 weeks :/

Tell me a ridiculous fact about you!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry


One thought on “Ridiculous me

  1. I never thought that reality tv shows are something overly important. Still I watch them pretty much all, if I have enough time. I had a few favorite during past season but I lost interest because of the job and the obligations.Anyway, very nice blog I will try to visit you some time.

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