No Longer In High School

Oh Em Gee

Today after consulting I got in the pool to swim with one of the elite club swimmers and do the set assigned to  her….. a set 5 years ago I would have complained about but completed with some ease…. tonight I died!! Omg I haven’t done sets on time in years, and I forgot how much extra you push yourself to make that time to get a few seconds of rest!

Tonights workout looked like this:

900 warm up (3 x 200 stroke 100 kick)

16x 75 kick (2 x 4 flutter kick, 4 choice)

3x 150s ( 1st- Bk and Fly, 2nd, Bk and Brst, 3rd Bk and Free)

4x 75 (1st Fly, 2nd Bck, 3rd Brst, 4th Free)

100 cool down

There was more to the set but after an hour I called it quits because poor Wrigs was awaiting me at home (I had been away since 1:30) and he needed a quality walk before dinner!

My workout today made me feel old and out of shape! Until I remembered I haven’t competed since 2006 and do not train to compete anymore! Ever since this weekend I have been a tad nostalgic for high school, and this set made me nostalgic for my old swimming athleticism! I worked hard for it because I had to, and I miss the feelings that came with doing well in swimming! I have somewhat replaced them with running, but it isn’t quite the same! I keep contemplating joining the master’s swimteam.. soo we shall see if I have time this fall!

It is funny looking back on high school and seeing how much things have changed, but also how little some things have changed!

Things that have changed:

1. I am actually closer to some of my HS friends now than I was back then!

2. I used to be able to eat a pint of ice cream a night without guilt! That and regular cherry coke, candy straws and a whole bevy of unhealthy foods.. now I eat much healthier

"can we eat this right out of the oven?"

3. I used to let drama and gossip dominate my world, now I deal with it better and more maturely, aka I am slightly less melodramatic

woe is me.. I am going to sit and pout over drama... and look at pictures

4. I was much louder and more obnoxious

" I will not look at you because you are so weird"

5. I am closer to my parents now, and I think my brothers as well

6. I am more aware of how my actions affect other people

7. I workout when I want doing what I want now, not because I feel I have to due to swimming or parental obligation, or PE

8. I am now going to be a psychologist.. in hs I wanted to be a journalist… and a housewife


Things that have not changed

1. I still love to change my hair (see all the pics posted)

2. I am still just as talkative

3. my friends for the most part

4. I still love  a party, and any occasion to be with my friends

5. I still dance and sing in my car

6. I still love the OC and OTH (not the new seasons though)

7. Being an athlete is still a huge part of my life and will probably always be

8. I still love hearing old/new ACS gossip

9. I still spend too much time at Starbucks

10. My picture faces never change.. aka anything but a smile

I am not normal

so gangsta?

11. I get excited over the silliest, smallest things

ok who wouldn't be stoked for this limo?

12. I am still t he one who takes way too many pics! In HS they covered my walls!

Anyways I am sure there are more but the thing is it is amazing what a difference five years can make! I still can’t believe I am 23, getting a masters and then hopefully PhD, and am who I am at this point in my life! AM I am where I thought I would  be? NO WAY! Back then one I thought I was going to KU, probably one of the first to get married, and would have been fine working at a small newspaper.. maybe.. I never thought I would be on this path but everything happens for a reason and I can honestly say I am happy for who I am today. I am not perfect and have many flaws but those events and less than stellar characteristics are part of me, and part of growing up! Funny how a workout can put me down that tangent huh?

Any who it is time to leave Starbucks now..  Wrigley will be waiting and I was supposed to be doing work… but the website wasn’t working!!

How have you changed from HS or College?

Has your athleticism increased or decreased?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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