Happy Tuesday!

Breahhhhhh I want this week to be OVER and for it to me 9 pm next Monday night! I am tired of GRE work and I want to go on vacation! I need a break from Denver.. (but not you Collen and Twink you can be with me forever)

Anyway this week I am anti cooking… I just can’t even do it… so lots of take out for me! Today I had a HUGEMONGUS Cafe Rio salad.. sooo good only like dinner I didn’t take a picture of it because I was a hungry hungry hippo! Dinner was Pei Wei Kung Pao shrimp!!!yum yum yum food tastes so much better when you don’t prepare it yourself!

Soo today I have a fun game for you… its called NEEEEDSSSS

my ridiculous friend Clemson does this silly thing where he lists his needs:

Ex:While I sit and debate the wonders of life these are my current needs for the day

1. to ride around a panda for one mile
2. to have kesha sing a song stating she wants to wake up in the morning feeling like clems
3. ice cream cake
4. to wonder if melissa and meg both think of twinkies when the hear the word “twink”
5. to know if colleen really knows how storks deliver babies
6. a snickers bar
7. to become the orange power ranger
8. 2 mini sized hot dogs
9. french poodle
10. to have rebecaa black this is my moment o repeat
11. to have selena gomez who says on repeat in other room
12. a white polar bear who drinks coke
13. to know why santa claus is so jolly, is he hiding somehting?
14. to star in an episode of boy meets world and be topanga man lover

this photo NEEDED to be shared

this is half of a larger list…. his past need have included Party Rock on repeat, To know why the rum is gone, and several other insanely idiotic rambling type phrases

Twink and I have jumped on board and started creating our own lists!


5. Yogurtland
6. 12 bottles of wine… To myself
7. A pitcher of daiquiris
8. Last Friday night on repeat
9. The one tree hill disk I randomly lost
11. Vegas
12. A new camera
13. A zebra and a giraffe as personal pets
14. Red velvet cupcakes
15. Free season pass to Water World
16. A hole in one
17. A drum machine
18. Goo goo dolls
19. Katy Perry and Russell Brandt at my bday party
20. My own reality tv show
21. A date with Ryan Reynolds
22. To be best friends with Chelsea Handler
23. My little bro to be president
24. Bitches no rubbers
25. Every Disney movie
26. To go to Harry Potter world
27. To be best friends with Lonely Island
28. To be in a Will Ferrell movie
29. To have a Tornado roller coaster named after me
30. To travel the world in a yacht with Twink
1. more ice cream cake (but the ice cream sandwiches in my freezer will have to do)
2. for party rock to be the first song that plays when i get in the car to go to work tomorrow
3. to go swimming with dolphins in hawaii, since last night we discovered i am a dolphin whisperer
4. motivation to start my running again
5. cherries
6. more sangria
7. to go to the moon
8. to finish watching all of the grey’s seasons
9. to fly a dragon kite
10. coffee
11. meet rafael nadal
12. win the lottery
13. a season pass to go to water world with youu

Twink is super cute

As you can tell… Needs lists are basically the greatest thing ever.. and everyone should make them because they are HILARIOUS and great ways to pass time when you are at a dinner that drives you crazy or boring bar, waiting in line, hanging out on the coach etc
soooo It is NEEEDS Tuesday…
1. I NEEED to focus on my GRE
2. Guiliana Ransic NEEDS to eat 8 hamburgers and stop talking in cliches (but I love her)
3. a unicorn
4. a brick oven for pizza
5. to know why people would ever get sleeves (tattoos)
6. to see Captain America
7. to bake cookies for fun
8. to see the Help ( I love the book!!)
You also NEED to do this workout!
Today I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at the gym so I hopped on the treadmill and some how this happened!
1-10 minutes 6 mph
10-20 1 minute sprint (8-9 mph) and 1 minute walking 4 mph
20-30 start at 7mph and go up 1 mph every minute
30-40 1 minute sprint (8-9 mph) and 1 minute walking 4 mph
40-52 start at 7mph and go up 1 mph every minute
52-60 walking up hill at 4 mph at 15
I did 6. 5 miles in 60 minutes!!! and 6 in 52 minutes which is a new best time for me!!!
This workout was rough but also fun because I kept switching things up!
and because I am crazy I did 30 minutes of the elliptical after nannying
soooo what are YOUR needs? Seriously make a list… it is awesome and inspires creative thinking!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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