$210 dollars poorer and bad dates

And not on something cool like:



yea you get the point ahhaha anyways…. MY CAR GOT TOWED LAST NIGHT!!!!!! I went to happy hour with these adorable people: 

we played trivia but lost.. 😦 and when I went back to my car…. IT WAS GONE!!!!! Imagine my temporary flip out, call to the towing company, and then to Twink to come pick me up because she is a saint!

I had to wait to get it this morning! So I woke up, took the lightrail to DU, worked out, consulted and then one of my other favorite friends drove me to the impound lot! 1.5 hours in traffic and good conversation finally got us to my sweet sweet Libby!

Thanks I-Robot!

Now my car is back in my possession but I had to pay $210 to get her out 😦

So I was thinking of what to write about today since 1. I havent cooked all week so have no food to show you, and two my workout while awesome (10 min warm up, 10 minutes of 1 min on one minute off sprints, and 10 minutes fast up hill walking on 15) I cannot devote a whole post to it! So Clemson (my friend Shawn) suggested I talk about bad dates!

Now I don’t really actually date, like I have been on dates but usually it was with guys I was dating after meeting them in hs/college through friends etc! But like awkward I just met you first dates… I have two such experiences because most of the time I never even make it to the first date… my interest was waned But you know those dates that the whole time you are either grappling for something to say (mostly because 3 of your friends are at the table next to you and it is taking all of your will power not to talk to them instead) or you are wishing the person would STOP talking! Sooo today I wanted to open up a discussion about good vs bad dates and what is that sticking point… the point that says hmmm yes I think I will want to date this person more… or OMG get away from me NOW!

For me it is all about personality… and well looks a little bit but especially lately I have learned to look past the more superficial aspects of a person. But if someone can make me laugh even when I am distraught about what to do because my car has been towed or I am super stressed etc that is a keeper. Someone who can keep up with me.. I talk A LOT and so someone who one can listen but also talks a lot… if not then I dominate the situation and it isn’t equal… and that is lame! I also hate when during a date, guys make assumptions about you or start teasing you right off the bat.. I get it I am ridiculous.. just read this post to know that.. but can you wait till you know you actually know me to make fun of me? Also I like to quote movies sooo you need to be able to keep up with that and quote back… other wise it is super awkward and someone looks dumb…

So what makes you happy in a relationship or on a date? WHat do you look for in a SO, or what attracted you about your SO… also bad date stories… lemme hear em!

Hopefully we can all be like this couple who is the happiest/best couple I know


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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