The Great Debate


Breaking News… yesterday not only did I cook  my own dinner…. I BAKED COOKIES!!! Yea… it was amazing.. I was begining to have withdrawal!

For dinns last night:

Steamed mussels (some of them were suspect tho but the seafood guy at WF was so cute and funny!)

Grilled Scallops with a tomato/avocado salad and grilled asparagus

Yummmm  I LOVE SEAFOOOD! Which is probably why I had it again for dinner tonight!!!!

I had a romantic date tonight with…myself! I got sushi from WF and had wine, sushi, edamame, and watermelon by my pool! It was wonderful and a nice relaxing hour spent reading and eating! And there was an adorable little girl with her dad in the pool who said “Daddy you aren’t skinny are you?” BAHAHHAHA I literally laughed outloud….. oops

I also had a kickass Yoga Sculpt class today followed by an elliptical sesh!

OKKK now to the meat of this post

SOOOO Obviously I shared my brief failing foray into Paleo… I mean I am still trying kind of… but really I love fro yo and it ain’t going no where in ma diet ….. yea that just happened

But I wanted to discuss vegetarianism vs veganism vs pescatarian vs carnivore vs paleo

I have actually tried all of the above and not even just to lose weight! I read Skinny Bitch ( scariest book I have ever read… scarier than Goosebumps) summer after my Sophomore year after my friend had read it and recommended it to me… BAH well I was vegetarian for the rest of that summer.. and for a month I tried being vegan… only I needed FRO YO and I went to the beach… and really at the Delaware shore you eat crabs… it is actually mandatory!  I love veggies and fruits and could eat them all day err day but I found that I needed protein… I work out a lot and I felt that I had too much soy and fake protein filling my body. So for the rest of college I was mostly pescatarian …. and that is actually my favorite way to eat because as we know I love fish… especially salmon and shrimpies and scallops…. I rarely ate red meat… until I moved here… and now I LOVE IT…. its the only meat I get at Chipotle, and I like to order burgers occasionally but I still won’t make it all that much!

However I have found especially on Paleo that when I eat too much meat I feel gross.. and I think it is because I recognize the rotting flesh making it’s way through my digestive system… (yea sorry for that) but I still love it.. basically it is a conundrum! However lately especialy after readong my latest issue of Cooking Light I am vowing to eat mostly fish and at least one day of completely vegetarian meals! Veggies fill you up and make you feel healthy and strong… only down side a lot of vegetarian meals have carbs involved and that is hard when you try to stay on Paleo! Thank goodness for Zucchini “noodles” and Spaghetti Squash!

Does anyone else have this problem of wanting to incorporate veg meals without all the carbs and losing out on protein??

Obvs if I could eat like this all day err day and not gain 125659 lbs I totes would!

my cutest friend Cara when we were feeding each other my 22nd bday cake....

Instead just gotta emulate this kid

yea we are obviously related

Ok I am off to bed as it is late an I am one tired cupcake!

I will post the cookie recipe I made tomorrow!!!

Thoughts on the Great Food Debate?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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