How to Deal with Stress… and Happy BDAY BIG!!

First can I say HAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY to one of my FAVORITE people ever!!! My dear big sister (sorority) Nicole!!! Nicole is someone I look up to because of how strong she is and also because of her hard work and how she has done whatever it takes to reach her goals and find a job she loves!! She is also absolutely ridiculous and together we are the best kind of a mess!

Love you biggie!!!

So today I want to talk about stress! I have beeen supa supa supa stressed lately, especially today! Crying/feeling pukey/ not being able to finish my lunch ( THAT NEVER HAPPENS!) al over a test that will be over in a few days but is pretty important.. at least it feels like right now it is the end all be all of my life!

Stress can be all consuming, devastating, and take an awful emotional toll as well as a physical toll! While I have once or twice hidden my sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s I try not to stress eat junk food because in the end it makes me feel worse.. and then I am stressed about gaining weight! Instead I call my mom or work it out! I am really bad at calling friends when I am stressed mostly because I believe no wants to hear my stuff and I don’t want to burden someone who may be having a great day  otherwise! Silly I know… lucky mom since she is my go to 🙂 The best way though for me really is to work it out! Usually when I am stressed I have the best workout because I can put all that bad energy into something else and really push myself!

Today I warmed up with 10 minutes on high incline

5 minutes on high on the stair stepper

15 minute hill run

10 minutes cool down on the elliptical

Ideally someday I will not allow stress to affect me in such a negative way… but for now that is not really happening! And so I wanted to open up the discussion of how do you relieve or deal with stress? Do you eat/work out/ call your mom,sister,bffl,so?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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