Cereal S’mores Bars and a Bday Recap!


So let me say this really has been one of my best birthday weekends ever! Now it is officially over but before I get to breakfast I wanted to do a quick bday recap!!!

Friday I kept it lowkey in anticipation for Saturday!!!! That was our designated day of celebration. We started early out at my pool with a day spent grilling and relaxing in the sun! Let me just say the pool is so much more fun with others than by my lonesome! After parting ways to get ready my friend Marissa came over so that we could head downtown together! We started the night at Mellow Mushroom because well who doesn’t want pizza before a night of drinking? This. Pizza. Was. SO.Good!!! I got the cheese pizza with pesto chicken!!! It was just how I like my pizza and the crust was perfect! If you have a Mellow Mushroom near you go to it!

My pizza was enjoyed with a bottle of wine!

After dinner we made our way to where we were meeting the Patio Ride for the actual celebrations! Yes that is right.. Patio Ride! It is basically a big table/bar surrounded by pedals that the party uses to move the bike! This was such a fun idea and I am so glad we found it! Look for it in your city because this is definitely a great way to celebrate any occasion! You ride around to different bars for a few hour and the people who work it are so nice!

and of course… we could dance on it which was a huge perk!

Definitely a celebration to remember!!! Needless to say I was a tad tired yesterday and didn’t even get out of bed until noon!!! This NEVER happens as I am usually ready to go by 7! Eventually i tore myself from my sheets in order to go to the gstore in order to make a desert for dinner at my aunts! I made Cereal S’mores Bars which I found on Maria’s blog! These were so good and SO easy to make!!

Cereal S’mores Bars

Adapted from Two Peas and their Pod

You need:

3 tsb butter

4 1/2 c marshmallows

4 c Graham Cereal (I used Three Sisters organic cereal)

4 Hersheys Special Dark large bars

To Do:

Grease pan. Melt the butter in a sauce pan, once melted add in 2 1/2 c marshmallows and stir until smooth. Once smooth add in cereal and combine. Once cereal is covered in the mixture layer it on the bottom of the pan. Take the chocolate bars and layer them on top of the cereal. Add the marshmallows on top and broil for 2 minutes or until the marshmallows are slightly browned! Simple eh? Make these this weekend for your Labor Day Festivities!!

Sorry for the phone quality pics.. I forgot my camera!!! Dinner at my aunts was good as usual! Grilled burgers, salmon, salad and of course my family’s staple Party Potatoes (basically cheese and potatoes and gooey unhealthy goodness)

Hungry yet??

Today I was back in my groove up in time to eat a quick bowl of cereal ( for the first time in like a year) and then went with Jess my boss/friend to yoga!! It was her first class with my favorite instructor and we were both sweaty but happy messes at the end! It was a more challenging class than usual and after all of the bday celebrations I definitely appreciated it! Since I obviously never made it to the gym yesterday!

Now I am attempting to be productive with my day! Hopefully I will be able to do some application stuff today!

see ya lata!

At BBQ do you like traditional burgers and dogs or healthier chicken and salmon?

Any other good s’mores ideas?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Restaurants I Love(Bakery Style): Happy Cakes

Heylooooo friendlies!!!

What am I doing right now… is it what I SHOULD be doing which is working on apps? Nope… I’m watching Fashion Police… obvs super important right? Yea no not really oh well

Annnyyyyywayyyssss tonight I wanted to talk about this little baby right here

This my friends is a Happy Cake from Happy Cake Bakery in the Highlands!!! Yes… to answer you question I ate this last night… after I gorged on cake… whatever don’t judge me it was my bday and ummmm calories don’t count on your bday DUH

Click here to check it out… it is such a cute little place!!! Thank you dear Con Con for bringing this little nugget of joy into my life!!! The cake was moist and definitely quality vanilla flavor and the icing was oh so smooth and creamy with little bead sprinkles which are my favorite on cupcakes for that little crunch! I cannot wait to step into this place my self and pick out even more wonderful treats!!! This will probably be my new go to cupcake place!!! Might I say it may be as good as Magnolias in NYC????? I think it’s trueeeeee!!!

So if you live in Denver… get off your couch and go there now!!!

Ok time to boogie see ya in da am!!!

Favorite cupcake/cake flava?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Birthday Birthday!!!


Yesterday was my 24th birthday!! I wanted to post.. I have actually been meaning to post all week.. sadly I have had an ear infection and fevers at night so when I got home Tuesday and Wednesday night I passed out as soon as I was able to change out of my clothes and into jammie jams and last night thankfully no fever but definite exhaustion!

However ear infection and all I had an amazing birthday!!! I wanted to start it out with a 10 miler but I also wanted to be healthy and whole for this weekend so I allowed myself to sleep until my wonderful friend Emma called at 6:40!!! best wake up call ever, so glad she forgot about the time difference because I hadn’t heard her voice since April!!!!

So instead of running I talked to friends and did some work before going to Yoga at 9:15 with my favorite instructor!! She was great and gave us an extra hard class for my bday! Afterwards I came home and refreshed before going on a hike with my best couple!!

It was a great hike- 3 miles with lots of uphill but someone got a little tired from the heat… he is such an adorable doggy!

After leaving the cutest little family I went to partake in bday pampering in the form of a MUCH needed mani/pedi! On the way home I had my one hiccup of the day… A Speeding Ticket!! On my bday!!!! Boo Boo Boo! I got over my despair with a quick shower and change and went off to pick up ma boys from their new school! Zach remembered my bday and sang happy birthday.. and asked if he could come to my party.. so cute!

Finally it was time for celebration number uno! I went over to Kat and Andrews after a quick spin around the mall before dinner to have some bday champagne and open my present!! They know me so well and got me the Whole Foods cookbook!!!! I mean WF is my favorite place and the recipes.. omg I cannot wait to make like every one of them!!!! SO amazing! Not only that but Kat made me a cake! More on that though in a minute! Once we met up with everyone else.. and Twink gave me a Lilly Pullitzer cooler bag!!!!!! and a new Koozie to replace the one I lost!!! I really have the greatest friends!!!

For dinner we went to the Cherry Creek Grill, which is my favorite restaurant in Denver! We started the night off with a skillet of their famous cornbread! OMG is this the best thing I have ever tasted? Why yes yes it is!!! For dinner I had grilled salmon with a cucumber salad!!! soooo yummy! And then…. CAKE TIME!!!!

OMG.. OMG like seriously there are NO words!!! This was a southern red velvet cake and it was actually the greatest red velvet cake I have ever had!! It was moist and full of flavor!!! I think this was the best bday cake I have ever had!! Thanks Kitty Kat!!!

I let Kat and Andrew take it home… and now I can’t stop wanting a piece!!! hahahahaha I definitely want the recipe!!

Needless to say it was a great bday and I am so thankful to all my wonderful family and friends who made it possible!!!!!

Are you a birthday person? What did you do on your birthday?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

I <3 Tina and a weekend recap

Who is this Tina do you ask? Tina is ma new bike! Clems couldn’t fit her in his car so to me she came!! She has been broken these last few weeks and on Friday I got my act together and put new wheels on and made her supa purdy!


I have ridden her almost everyday (TWSS?awk?)and I love it! I think I may like outdoor riding more than spinning and spinning is my favorite form of exercise! But seriously I love being outside for an hour+ speeding along fun trails and smiling like a loon.. it is basically a great time!

This weekend was blur basically of bike riding, catching up with friends, and getting my life back together! On Friday night we all went out for sushi which was amazing and then met up with some other friends to celebrate my friend Graham’s bday! It was a fun low key night with friends

On Saturday I went with Kathleen, Andrew, our friend Jen and their dogs to my favorite farmers market! As usual I got a Pupusa and it was oh so good! We sat and ate while the dogs played in the bushes! I had been super prodcutive Saturday morning with Yoga Sculpt and cleaning so the rest of saturday was spent reading articles and lazying around before I went to see Horrible Bosses! It was really funny and way better than I expected!

Yesterday I went for a bike ride and a run and then basically watched a movie marathon on FX before seeing One Day!

Today was jam packed! First a mile run (woooo big runner) followed by an intense yoga sculpt, and a bike ride! Then it was straight to the DMV to get a replacement permit (more on that later). I came home and made homemade peanut butter cups and then went to Kat’s to have dinner with her and Andrew and watch the Bachelor Pad! Omg I am hooked! I mean it is totally dramatic and ridiculous and I have too many other awful shows I am already addicted too but this one may get added on!

Final thought of the night… is it weird that I use a chip clip to keep my hair up? I love it hahahaha but it is definitely outside the box!

ok off to watch the Wedding Date and go to sleep!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Movies I Love: One Day

Omg… I just saw the most incredible movie… Please go see One Day… it is a wonderful story of friendship and love that lasts forever. Anne Hathaway as usual was phenomenal and pulled her accent off pretty well I thought! I also love Jim Sturgess.. I think this was one of the first movies I have seen him in or at least be the lead in and he played Dex really well! The movie follows two people who become friends after an almost one night stand. From that night on they become best friends who always have a slight romantic connection that they try to deny. Emma is a hard working girl who is an incredible writer but takes awhile to find her place and Dex is a rich spoiled party boy who finds a semi successful tv career that leads him on a worse path until he is fired and begins to clean up his act. Finally they realize that they are each others soulmates. That is not  the ending of the movie, just a synopsis (there is plenty more to the tory that I left out don’t worry). It is based on a book that I am now dying to read after I finish my book on ESPN! This would be a great girlfriend or mom movie, it could also be a date movie as it is not totally a sappy chick flick. I however went alone! I was bored tonight and made a game time decision to be an independent woman (ha ha) and see it solo! It was the perfect movie to see alone as well, especially because I got really emotionally involved in it and was on the edge of my seat for a bit soooo at least I didn’t have to be embarrassed about that.. or the fact that I cried….

Anyways I loved this movie and if you like storylines like this or even if you are a tad skeptical about it…. see it!!

Ok I have a weekend recap coming tomorrow!

goood night lovers!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Movies I Love: Crazy, Stupid, Love


So I realized I never really review the movies I see.. and I see A LOT of movies! sooo Movies  I Love has begun! This first movie is Crazy Stupid Love! I saw this tonight with the cutest couple ever

It was sooo good! It was actually really funny and witty and I felt that while it was a it depressing it was real and not the usual sugarcoated love story of a lot of chick flicks! Although don’t get me wrong I LOVE chick flicks… but really sometimes they are a tad unrealistic… anywho.. this is a great date night movie because it is perfect for guys and girls! ANd I love Emma Stone… I think she is so goofy and cute and beautiful at the same time! There were a lot of awkward/dramatic but funny in a slightly uncomfortable “omg please stop talking right away thank you” moments that I found endearing because well how often do those happen in my own life? all the time because I NEVER stop talking.. ever

if this clip doesn’t sell you.. I don’t know what will! These two have great chemistry!

or this one

In other news today I took a trip down to Boulder to see baby bro… and bring him brownies so of course I am sharing the recipe with you!! I got it off My Baking Addiction… Jamie’s blog is one of my go to blogs when I want a delicious treat because she always has the most creative ideas and takes the most beautiful pictures!!!

I used my favorite brownie recipe with dark chocolate and cut 8 Snickers peanut butter squares into fourths. I dropped the snickers in lines into the spread out brownie batter! You can use Jamie’s full brownie recipe or any brownie recipe you love and just add in the snickers… they are too good! Sooo gooey and melty and rich with a hint of peanuts and peanut butter! If you love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter you will love these brownies soo check out MBA and make them today!!!

My pictures were no bueno… soooo I won’t be sharing them.. sorry!

Of course while I was down there we needed lunch so straight to Firehouse Subs we went!!! I love these subs they are the best by far of any of the chain restaurants! I got turkey on whole wheat and Kev got Cheese Steak!

Now back to Laguna Beach! Night Lovelies!

Most recent movie you have seen? I love the movies… I see them all the time! In college I had the best prettiest movie buddy ever! Miss you Hadbav!

Do you see movies often or rarely?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Restaurants I Love: Wildfire

Greetings from the hotel bed!

I am huddled in the warmth of the covers trying to digest one of the best meals I have had in a while! Tonight my mom and I took her best friend from HS (who died of cancer when I was 16)’s mom out to Dinner at the Wildfire Steaks, Chops, and Seafood restaurant in Lincolnshire! If you live on the North Shore of Chicago or anywhere else that they have a location such as Schaumburg…. get yourself to Wildfire!! It has an old school steakhouse feel to it that immediately makes you feel at home and ready to try everything on their menu!We started off with Pinot Grigio and fresh warm yummy bread! I don’t usually eat bread at restaurants (unless I am in Italy or France) But I love warm dark brown bread!

For a starter we split the Chopped Salad which was TDF…. soooo goood! I love a good chopped salad and this may be the best one I have ever had!

For my main I ordered the Glazed Sockeye Salmon with veggies in a delicious slightly sweet broth and a baked sweet potato! Donna got the same thing but with scalloped potatoes, and PMull got Pan Seared Scallops in a garlic butter sauce with sauteed spinach and woodfire roasted vegetables! OMG I had a bit of my mom’s dish. most amazing scallops.. and the veggies (she doesn’t like brussels so I got to eat all of hers.. mwahahahha) they were soo good! My salmon was great and the vegetables were tender and full of flavor! I love baked sweet potatoes and this was huge and offered with butter and brown sugar! I was so full  but couldn’t stop eating!

Now our wonderful waittress Joanne was the greatest! SHe was witty and funny and had great input to offer on our choices! She noticed me taking pictures of all the food and asked why.. of course I told her about EDuBS and how it was a very small food blog that I did as a hbby because I love food and healthy living. Next thing we know the manager came out to talk to us because he heard I was going to write about Wildfire… AND THEY GAVE US FREE DESSERT!!!

I can’t even describe the heaven of teh desserts… and wish that I had not been so full so I could eat more of them! Homemade Apple Tart.. which was like a homemade apple pie topped with a huge helping of Vanilla Ice cream! and Homemade Key lime Pie… like seriously put me at a family gathering and put these dishes in front of me because they tasted like sweet home cooked comfort food from your grandma! I cannot say a bad thing about my experience at Wildfire because not only was the food incredible but the staff was great and really did a great job going above and beyond just serving food! Get yourself to this restaurant ASAP and you will not be disappointed! Also on Monday nights.. half priced bottles of wine… does it get any better? No it doesn’t!!

Ok now off to watch the most high maintenace house buyer on house hunters ever and succomb to my  delicious food coma! See you in the am!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Deliciousness in unexpected places

Guess where I am?? Flip, Flip Flipadelphia… (my little Molly used to say this all the time.. it is from Always Sunny) Airport! I love that some airports have free wifi now it is supa nice!

Today has been pretty uneventful save for a final meal at Five Guys (I’m not eating red meat for a LONG time now.. I have burgers 3 times in a week… gross) and a long car nap (I am like an infant and am useless on car rides when I am not driving because I just pass out) but we finally got to Philly said bye to my Dad who is going back to England and PMull and I set about finding a good place for dinner in the airport! And boy were we not disappointed!

We decided to go to Vino Volo which is a wine bar in the aiport. We both choose two different wine flights of three wines to taste. I got Rose and my mom got Summer Whites! This wine was bomb way beter than you would expect at an airport and beautifully presented!

We both choose the same salad for dinner and again were not disappointed.. we just wish we had gotten the full size instead of smalls!! It was a bed of greens with goat cheese, pine nuts, cranberries and roasted chicken! Sometimes I am suspicious of chicken since so many places use that rubbery salty fake tasting chicken but this was tender and juicy and delicious!

We had the best time at dinner and it was nice and relaxing! Afterwards we stopped by a candy shop on our way to the gate so I could satisfy my sweet tooth! I go a small bag of mini swedish fish and 4 dark chocolate almonds! It was perfect! PMull wanted Dark Chocolate MnMs alas they were no where to be found… hmm sound familiar? Thanks airports for never having what you really really crave!

Ok about to board! See you in Chicago!!!

Do you enjoy Wine Tastings?

What is your favorite bulk candy?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Bye Bye Bethany!

This morning I had my last workout at the beach :(.. I ran a good four miles at a steady pace before heading to the gym to knock of a weight circuit that looked like this:

side arm raises

front arm raises

lat pull downs

chest press w/ squat

bicep curls with lunge

tricep kickbacks

chest flys

2 sets of 15 of each of these

push ups- 30

plank- 30 seconds

situps 4 sets of 30

Sadly we missed our last spin class with our favorite instructor.. but at least I got a good run in and am feeling better about my training now!

Now we  are just cleaning and getting ready to go since it is rainy/cloudy today but I thought I would leave you with some pictures of the beach!

ahhh sooo pretty I will miss this place!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Mini Triathalon Morning


So I had a post all ready to go last night but then passed out before I could post it… the beach makes me a sleepy sleepy lady!

Before we recap last night, I wanna tell you about my workout this morning! I was feeling ultra ambitious and decided to partake in my own triathalon!

First I ran three miles in 24 minutes.. which is insane and the fastest I have ever run three miles

then I took a great spin class with my momma, followed by 30 minutes in the pool where I did just under a mile because I was about to die of exhaustion/muscle fatigue/not enough food in ma belly

needless to say right now I am curled up in my bed… it is highly attractive I assure you!

Ok soo last night we went to the cutest little restaurant called Patsys! We usually don’t go to the real restaurants when we are in Bethany, we cook in or go to places like Five Guys or the Baja Beach or Surfs Up subs and pizza, quick easy and every can go where they want to go and we meet up on the boardwalk! But my parents and I decided to treat ourselves, and let me tell you none of us were disappointed!

It was one of those nights where you look at the menu and you want five things, only you can only have one… and it is a sad moment.. however I was definitely glad I ordered their award winning crab cakes because OMG… BEST.CRAB.CAKES. EVER. and I have tried many different crab cakes but man I could have eaten several more!

with the crab cakes came a salad of apple and celery root with mixed greens and steamed asparagus!!

My mom got seared scallops in a spicy but light curry sauce with mango salsa over jasmine rice

And last but not least my dad got grilled Bluefish with a red quinoa and couscous salad with steamed spinach… this side really impressed me because of the use of quinoa and couscous!

my dad looks a little goofy in this pic… they are still getting used to me snapping pictures of literally everything in site!

If you are ever on the Delaware Shore come to Patsys! It is definitely worth it and teh patio where we sat was so cute!!! Afterwards we walked over to the boardwalk for froyo/frozen custard!

So as I mentioned yesterday, I recently got a new camera! I current;y have several broken point and shoots at home and my moms Olympus DSLR that she lent me but she wants it back so I purchased a new camera before jetting off on vacay!

It is a Sony Cyber Shot and it is awesome! It has a setting for natural shots of food and I can already see the difference between that camera and my IPhone camera that I usually use! Eventually I would love my own DSLR however for now this is perfect for my needs and fit nicely into my budget at $130 (on sale)!

What kind of camera do you use?

Have you done or are training to do  a Tri? I would love to but we shall seee!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!