Concerts, Candy Land, and Crab Cakes!

Oh Helloo from Bethany!!! I am in heaven here at my beach house with my mom and dad, basically I love vacation time specifically the week at the beach that I have every summer! For 12 years we have been coming here and we have owned a place here for 10! It is the longest house we have ever owned and it really is like a little home!

Clemson and I got here Thursday afternoon after driving from Raleigh that morning! We had seen Goo Goo Dolls the night before… OMG soooo goood!! We had lawn seats and had a really good time… minus the fact that our blanket was conveniently placed on a red ant hill…. and it was attack of the red ants! I may or may not have gone guerrilla warrior on them with my shoe… :/ Before the concert, I tailgated with Skinny Girl Margaritas… I had never tried these before and they are definitely worth it!!! They aren’t as sugary as normal margs which I really enjoyed!

On Thursday night Pmull, Shawn, and I tried fruitlessly to light the baby charcoal grill we have.. but the wind had different plans sooo no grill… but she still whipped up bomb chicken on the griddle along with crab cakes, salad, and pasta salad. You can’t come to the Delaware or Maryland shore without eating crabs.. as they say in Wedding Crashers:

yes… Clemso and I continuously repeated that phrase in the last two days… it’s fine that we aren’t completely annoying with our choice of about 5-7 one liners that get repeated over and over….

After dinner we walked to the boardwalk with my mom to meet some friends for frozen custard! I opted out of custard.. it’s too rich for me and I LOVE TCBY and only get it at the beach… basically every day… it’s fine because I  am only here once a year… right? When we got home we played Candy Land and I won!!! Mwahahahaha.. but  then I lost horribly at Super Smash Bros so we were even  (so mature for post grads)

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach, playing in the waves (ok Clems went all the way in… I got knocked over when I was not very far in and gave up for the day.. I will try again) after a great spin class! I love coming here because I can spin every day… which I don’t do anymore! Clemson and  I gave up around 3:30 after we basically melted to death on the hot sand.. and came back up to nap/watch Role Models and shower! At 6:30 we walked down to the boardwalk to have dinner at Bethany Blues!

Bethany Blues is a BBQ place that got rave reviews but I had never been… and let me tell you it was great!

First they give you cornbread… for free… instead of regular bread.. I LOVE CORNBREAD!!! So I was in heaven!!  I got a glass of wine to drink while the boy got beer and a Bourbon Flight which was basically a Whisky/Bourbon tasting… he enjoyed it… it looked unpleasant from where I was sitting! Clemson got pulled pork with Mac n Cheese and Baked Beans, while I had a BBQ shrimp salad with spinach and cranbarries and roquefort cheese… sounds like an interesting/ weird combo but it was delish!

                                                   as you can tell he really enjoys me taking pictures of everything

After dinner.. Back to TCBY!! Shawn got a smoothie while I stuck with my vanilla/chocolate swirl!

Clemson left this afternoon, so after he left I hung out by the pool before going to the gym with ma daddy! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes of sprints, and 10 minutes of uphill walking followed by abs and pushups/tricep dips! It was a good workout! Now we are waiting for my mom to get back from church so that we can all make dinner!! I am starving and we are out of snacks 😦

Ok this post is super long so I will leave you until later!!

What is your ultimate vacation? Do you have a vacation home or a place you always go to and rent?

What is your favorit old school board game? Mine is Candy Land or Monopoly

Fro yo, Custard, or Ice Cream which do you prefer?


Peace, Love and be Sperry! 


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