All I do is eat

SERIOUSLY… ITS ALL I AM DOING! Why the yelling? I dunno! Anywho tonight’s post will feature all of the food  Ihave consumed thus far at the beach…. so yummy! Loving my time iwth p and j mull… who I think are pretty afraid they have a crazy daughter.. apparently breaking into song, dancing in Harris Teeters, rambling nosense at all times… etc… plus my mom and I just sang and reenacted Oklahoma… she got very excited when I found the sing a long version on dvd in our cupboard… my dad however was not game for watching it… rude!

Any where here we go…





"why do you always have to make that face"


Bye Bye Paleo.....Turkey, Swiss, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Mustard.. yummm

heheheheh annoying evil elf in the kitchen... yea im 23...



yea had enough yet?? We’ve had homemade crabcakes, grilled chicken lots of delicious fresh corn, veggies and of course chips guac hummus and pita chips! And wine… lots of wine! I am really digging Barefoot Pinot Grigio!

Ok now off to watch Devil Wears Prada!!! Catch ya on the flip side homies

Favorite summer food? Mine definitely Crab Cakes and fresh Corn…. oh and Nectarines!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!!



























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