Just another Tuesday Morning.. or is it?

Happy Tuesday!

Today is not any Tuesday.. it is my Dad’s bday!!!!!He is 55 today! Of course such a trooper started his morning off with a swim and weights… this is where I get my fitness from.. oh and of course PMull who went for a 3 mile run and it was so hot she died a little… thank goodness I was lazy and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then a swim that looked like this:

200 free style x3

100 back x3


100 kick

100 pull

100 full stroke with paddles

three times


72 laps!

I love swimming outside so much better than indoors! I will miss it when I leave here!

Afterwards I started to make my Dad’s bday cake with my mom… betcha can’t guess what kinda cake I’m making….

Ok yea it is ice cream cake… how did you know? J Mull is an ice cream monster he eats it every night! He had two of the mini Ben and Jerry’s last night… jealous

I had a bowl of pesto pasta with zucchini and turkey for an after work out snack/ lunch at 10:45 am totally normal it’s fine

Ok now it is time to go to the beach!!!!

hurry up Parents!

I will be posting about birthday cake and dinner later… we are going to our favorite crab shack with friends!! It is a tradition we do every year on my Dad’s birthday!

Have a good Tuesday!

What is your work out today?

Are you a beach or a pool person?

Also… open water swimming or pool swimming? I would love to do open water but it scares me a little bit!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!




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