Morning workout and Motivation to work out


How are you all this fine Wednesday morning?

This morning when my 8 alarms  went of I was not feeling it, when my mom came in to say lets go spinning darling daughter who is the light of my life (yea that happened……) I was not feeling it… and then I realized I was in fact already awake and I might as well get up out of bed and go to spin class… and boy I am glad I did!!! It was a killer today and I neeeeeeeeeded that!

The instructor plays great music which of course I silently sing the hwole time and so she laughs at me.. awesome.. and we did lots of hills and hill sprints which I LOVE! Before class I did a 15 minute upper body work out! I was going to swim but then I got lazy and figured I will swim after my long run tomorrow! The long run that I NEED to do because oh yea I am running the Denver Rock N Roll half marathon on October 9th and havent gone above six miles yet….. fail… but I can’t run in the heat so unless I have time at night or I get up at 6 I won’t run… I obviously need to find my motivation again!

Which brings me to my first question of the morning.. where do you find your work out motivation? When you know you need to do a work out how do you get that energy and drive to do it? Usually  I think about the outcomes, how good I will feel, how “fun” it will be, or if it is a run or other gym workout music or book that I get to enjoy while I am working out! In high school I never needed to schedule time or worry about working out becaue we had PE and I swam and ran, I would go to the gym on off seasons but it was social and fun. Once I stopped being an “athlete” in college I found I had to schedule that time in for the gyym and motivate myself to go work out in order to fins a new purpose since I wasn’t training for anything! This habit can be slightly bad sometimes because I do tend to schedule my day around the gym and if I can’t find time to work out it can be a major source of stress for me, even though I know one missed gym day won’t kill me!

Is this something any of you struggle with?

The joy of exercise can often be usurped by the feeling of needing to work out or pressure to look a certain way… and that can take away from why you love doing a certain activity and your motivation to do it at all! Being able to get back to the place of joy is hard but necessary so if you feel this way, list out why you run/swim/zumba/spin/weight train/ etc and all the things you love about it! This will reignite your intrinsic motivation!

Ok short but sweet today.. I promise to be back later with the cake from last night and a review of my favorite crab shack!


Peace, Love and be Sperry!



One thought on “Morning workout and Motivation to work out

  1. I used to pretty much workout just to burn calories and watch my weight. Now I do it because I love it. When I need some motivation I also just tell myself to go and I can take it easy- usually I once I get into the groove, I feel great! Also, I like to look at fitness magazines, websites, and blogs for motivation- seeing pics of women who look strong and beautiful is a powerful motivator!

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