Fun for the Whole Family!

HIIIII friendsies

I am blogging from my couch in a food/bonding coma! Tonight we were supposed to see THe Help but it was sold out 😦 so we will see it this weekend!! Instead we went and got burgers from Five Guys on the boardwalk and played mini golf! Yea I love mini golf! Clems and I played it last week and I was excited to bring my parents back for more fun!

Unfortunately none of us are really that good at mini golf but it was still fun! Afterwards we walked around looking in some of the shops before heading over to the book store so I could buy this:

and I wanted to buy this

yes right… I NEED it….

Anywho my dad’s birthday party was a success! We went to Mickey’s Crab Shack which is where we go every year to celebrate his bday!!

As usual we ordered all you can eat crabs as well as all you can eat fried chicken and corn! I am not the biggest fan of steamed crabs, so I ordered the Mahi Mahi which was pan seared with Old Bay… soo good! With a house salad and corn! It was delicious and washed down with a Coona Light and the cutest mini bottles of Rolling Rock!

the after shot


"I'm Crabby"

AFter dinner everyone came back to our house for cake! This cake was a huge success! It was the same as these cakes only I used Dreyers Triple Cookie- which was Cookie Dough, Cookies n Cream, and Triple Fudge Brownie!

With our cake we tried Skinny Girl Sangria… it was good I like red Sangria better but this was decent! I like the Skinny Girl Margs better tho!

ok off to bed.. I wanna get up early and run!

Do you like House Hunters or Home Improvement type shows? I love them Trading Spaces used to be my fave!

Are you Steamed Crabs fan? I love crabs but hate pulling them apart and digging for the meat

If you could make an  ice cream cake what flavors would you use?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!





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