Pool Workout!

Holla Holla back yo

How are all of you this lovely Thursday morning… I am good only I only have like 2.5 more beach days left… AHHH so sad face.. but then it’s Chicago time!! yay!

This morning started with a steamy 5 mile run! It was hot even at 7:20 but thats o because I pushed myself and kept at a 9:13 pace pretty much the whole time! Take that sun and humidity mwahahahaha

I came home a sweaty sweaty mess so I changed into ma swimsuit and walked over the the outdoor lap pool to finish my workout with a nice swim! What was going to be just a quickie turned into a full mile workout that left me tired and hungry but feeling goooood!

My pool workout looked like this:

3x 200 free

3x 100 kick

1x 100 fly

1x 50 pull free

1x 100 back

1x 50 pull free

1x 100 breast

1x 50 pull free

1x 100 free

1x 50 pull free

1x 200 free

This was a great set and I love when I make an effort to include some kind of im (individual medley which is all four strokes) into my routine! I used to race the IM so it is nice to do it leisurely and without having to do it! When I swim now I usually always incorporate pulling and kicking sets for which I use a kick board and pull buoy! I used to bring my own, but I left those in the Hampton’s win.. so now I just use the ones available to me at the pools I swim at! If you are looking to use a kick board or pull buoy most pools provide them for free, just ask a lifeguard where to find them! Pulling is a great arm work out especially if you use hand paddles as well!

I got home starving and made runny eggs and a little tomato salad, with pita chips for dipping! I figure I needed some carbs after my two hour workout!

I made the tomato salad by cutting up yellow tomatoes and squirting them with balsamic salad spritzer and sprinkling a little bit of black pepper!! Simple but so tasty!

yea they don’t look that pretty but they were good!

Check back in later for a review of my new camera!!!

What is your workout of the day?

Do you like relaxing beach vacations or active vacations? I like a mixture of both! I love my great workouts that I have here but I also love laying on the beach, and of course going for long walks on the beach! I also love when vacations allow for hiking, swimming and/or skiing!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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