Mini Triathalon Morning


So I had a post all ready to go last night but then passed out before I could post it… the beach makes me a sleepy sleepy lady!

Before we recap last night, I wanna tell you about my workout this morning! I was feeling ultra ambitious and decided to partake in my own triathalon!

First I ran three miles in 24 minutes.. which is insane and the fastest I have ever run three miles

then I took a great spin class with my momma, followed by 30 minutes in the pool where I did just under a mile because I was about to die of exhaustion/muscle fatigue/not enough food in ma belly

needless to say right now I am curled up in my bed… it is highly attractive I assure you!

Ok soo last night we went to the cutest little restaurant called Patsys! We usually don’t go to the real restaurants when we are in Bethany, we cook in or go to places like Five Guys or the Baja Beach or Surfs Up subs and pizza, quick easy and every can go where they want to go and we meet up on the boardwalk! But my parents and I decided to treat ourselves, and let me tell you none of us were disappointed!

It was one of those nights where you look at the menu and you want five things, only you can only have one… and it is a sad moment.. however I was definitely glad I ordered their award winning crab cakes because OMG… BEST.CRAB.CAKES. EVER. and I have tried many different crab cakes but man I could have eaten several more!

with the crab cakes came a salad of apple and celery root with mixed greens and steamed asparagus!!

My mom got seared scallops in a spicy but light curry sauce with mango salsa over jasmine rice

And last but not least my dad got grilled Bluefish with a red quinoa and couscous salad with steamed spinach… this side really impressed me because of the use of quinoa and couscous!

my dad looks a little goofy in this pic… they are still getting used to me snapping pictures of literally everything in site!

If you are ever on the Delaware Shore come to Patsys! It is definitely worth it and teh patio where we sat was so cute!!! Afterwards we walked over to the boardwalk for froyo/frozen custard!

So as I mentioned yesterday, I recently got a new camera! I current;y have several broken point and shoots at home and my moms Olympus DSLR that she lent me but she wants it back so I purchased a new camera before jetting off on vacay!

It is a Sony Cyber Shot and it is awesome! It has a setting for natural shots of food and I can already see the difference between that camera and my IPhone camera that I usually use! Eventually I would love my own DSLR however for now this is perfect for my needs and fit nicely into my budget at $130 (on sale)!

What kind of camera do you use?

Have you done or are training to do  a Tri? I would love to but we shall seee!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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