Deliciousness in unexpected places

Guess where I am?? Flip, Flip Flipadelphia… (my little Molly used to say this all the time.. it is from Always Sunny) Airport! I love that some airports have free wifi now it is supa nice!

Today has been pretty uneventful save for a final meal at Five Guys (I’m not eating red meat for a LONG time now.. I have burgers 3 times in a week… gross) and a long car nap (I am like an infant and am useless on car rides when I am not driving because I just pass out) but we finally got to Philly said bye to my Dad who is going back to England and PMull and I set about finding a good place for dinner in the airport! And boy were we not disappointed!

We decided to go to Vino Volo which is a wine bar in the aiport. We both choose two different wine flights of three wines to taste. I got Rose and my mom got Summer Whites! This wine was bomb way beter than you would expect at an airport and beautifully presented!

We both choose the same salad for dinner and again were not disappointed.. we just wish we had gotten the full size instead of smalls!! It was a bed of greens with goat cheese, pine nuts, cranberries and roasted chicken! Sometimes I am suspicious of chicken since so many places use that rubbery salty fake tasting chicken but this was tender and juicy and delicious!

We had the best time at dinner and it was nice and relaxing! Afterwards we stopped by a candy shop on our way to the gate so I could satisfy my sweet tooth! I go a small bag of mini swedish fish and 4 dark chocolate almonds! It was perfect! PMull wanted Dark Chocolate MnMs alas they were no where to be found… hmm sound familiar? Thanks airports for never having what you really really crave!

Ok about to board! See you in Chicago!!!

Do you enjoy Wine Tastings?

What is your favorite bulk candy?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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