Restaurants I Love: Wildfire

Greetings from the hotel bed!

I am huddled in the warmth of the covers trying to digest one of the best meals I have had in a while! Tonight my mom and I took her best friend from HS (who died of cancer when I was 16)’s mom out to Dinner at the Wildfire Steaks, Chops, and Seafood restaurant in Lincolnshire! If you live on the North Shore of Chicago or anywhere else that they have a location such as Schaumburg…. get yourself to Wildfire!! It has an old school steakhouse feel to it that immediately makes you feel at home and ready to try everything on their menu!We started off with Pinot Grigio and fresh warm yummy bread! I don’t usually eat bread at restaurants (unless I am in Italy or France) But I love warm dark brown bread!

For a starter we split the Chopped Salad which was TDF…. soooo goood! I love a good chopped salad and this may be the best one I have ever had!

For my main I ordered the Glazed Sockeye Salmon with veggies in a delicious slightly sweet broth and a baked sweet potato! Donna got the same thing but with scalloped potatoes, and PMull got Pan Seared Scallops in a garlic butter sauce with sauteed spinach and woodfire roasted vegetables! OMG I had a bit of my mom’s dish. most amazing scallops.. and the veggies (she doesn’t like brussels so I got to eat all of hers.. mwahahahha) they were soo good! My salmon was great and the vegetables were tender and full of flavor! I love baked sweet potatoes and this was huge and offered with butter and brown sugar! I was so full  but couldn’t stop eating!

Now our wonderful waittress Joanne was the greatest! SHe was witty and funny and had great input to offer on our choices! She noticed me taking pictures of all the food and asked why.. of course I told her about EDuBS and how it was a very small food blog that I did as a hbby because I love food and healthy living. Next thing we know the manager came out to talk to us because he heard I was going to write about Wildfire… AND THEY GAVE US FREE DESSERT!!!

I can’t even describe the heaven of teh desserts… and wish that I had not been so full so I could eat more of them! Homemade Apple Tart.. which was like a homemade apple pie topped with a huge helping of Vanilla Ice cream! and Homemade Key lime Pie… like seriously put me at a family gathering and put these dishes in front of me because they tasted like sweet home cooked comfort food from your grandma! I cannot say a bad thing about my experience at Wildfire because not only was the food incredible but the staff was great and really did a great job going above and beyond just serving food! Get yourself to this restaurant ASAP and you will not be disappointed! Also on Monday nights.. half priced bottles of wine… does it get any better? No it doesn’t!!

Ok now off to watch the most high maintenace house buyer on house hunters ever and succomb to my  delicious food coma! See you in the am!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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