Movies I Love: Crazy, Stupid, Love


So I realized I never really review the movies I see.. and I see A LOT of movies! sooo Movies  I Love has begun! This first movie is Crazy Stupid Love! I saw this tonight with the cutest couple ever

It was sooo good! It was actually really funny and witty and I felt that while it was a it depressing it was real and not the usual sugarcoated love story of a lot of chick flicks! Although don’t get me wrong I LOVE chick flicks… but really sometimes they are a tad unrealistic… anywho.. this is a great date night movie because it is perfect for guys and girls! ANd I love Emma Stone… I think she is so goofy and cute and beautiful at the same time! There were a lot of awkward/dramatic but funny in a slightly uncomfortable “omg please stop talking right away thank you” moments that I found endearing because well how often do those happen in my own life? all the time because I NEVER stop talking.. ever

if this clip doesn’t sell you.. I don’t know what will! These two have great chemistry!

or this one

In other news today I took a trip down to Boulder to see baby bro… and bring him brownies so of course I am sharing the recipe with you!! I got it off My Baking Addiction… Jamie’s blog is one of my go to blogs when I want a delicious treat because she always has the most creative ideas and takes the most beautiful pictures!!!

I used my favorite brownie recipe with dark chocolate and cut 8 Snickers peanut butter squares into fourths. I dropped the snickers in lines into the spread out brownie batter! You can use Jamie’s full brownie recipe or any brownie recipe you love and just add in the snickers… they are too good! Sooo gooey and melty and rich with a hint of peanuts and peanut butter! If you love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter you will love these brownies soo check out MBA and make them today!!!

My pictures were no bueno… soooo I won’t be sharing them.. sorry!

Of course while I was down there we needed lunch so straight to Firehouse Subs we went!!! I love these subs they are the best by far of any of the chain restaurants! I got turkey on whole wheat and Kev got Cheese Steak!

Now back to Laguna Beach! Night Lovelies!

Most recent movie you have seen? I love the movies… I see them all the time! In college I had the best prettiest movie buddy ever! Miss you Hadbav!

Do you see movies often or rarely?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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