Movies I Love: One Day

Omg… I just saw the most incredible movie… Please go see One Day… it is a wonderful story of friendship and love that lasts forever. Anne Hathaway as usual was phenomenal and pulled her accent off pretty well I thought! I also love Jim Sturgess.. I think this was one of the first movies I have seen him in or at least be the lead in and he played Dex really well! The movie follows two people who become friends after an almost one night stand. From that night on they become best friends who always have a slight romantic connection that they try to deny. Emma is a hard working girl who is an incredible writer but takes awhile to find her place and Dex is a rich spoiled party boy who finds a semi successful tv career that leads him on a worse path until he is fired and begins to clean up his act. Finally they realize that they are each others soulmates. That is not  the ending of the movie, just a synopsis (there is plenty more to the tory that I left out don’t worry). It is based on a book that I am now dying to read after I finish my book on ESPN! This would be a great girlfriend or mom movie, it could also be a date movie as it is not totally a sappy chick flick. I however went alone! I was bored tonight and made a game time decision to be an independent woman (ha ha) and see it solo! It was the perfect movie to see alone as well, especially because I got really emotionally involved in it and was on the edge of my seat for a bit soooo at least I didn’t have to be embarrassed about that.. or the fact that I cried….

Anyways I loved this movie and if you like storylines like this or even if you are a tad skeptical about it…. see it!!

Ok I have a weekend recap coming tomorrow!

goood night lovers!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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