I <3 Tina and a weekend recap

Who is this Tina do you ask? Tina is ma new bike! Clems couldn’t fit her in his car so to me she came!! She has been broken these last few weeks and on Friday I got my act together and put new wheels on and made her supa purdy!


I have ridden her almost everyday (TWSS?awk?)and I love it! I think I may like outdoor riding more than spinning and spinning is my favorite form of exercise! But seriously I love being outside for an hour+ speeding along fun trails and smiling like a loon.. it is basically a great time!

This weekend was blur basically of bike riding, catching up with friends, and getting my life back together! On Friday night we all went out for sushi which was amazing and then met up with some other friends to celebrate my friend Graham’s bday! It was a fun low key night with friends

On Saturday I went with Kathleen, Andrew, our friend Jen and their dogs to my favorite farmers market! As usual I got a Pupusa and it was oh so good! We sat and ate while the dogs played in the bushes! I had been super prodcutive Saturday morning with Yoga Sculpt and cleaning so the rest of saturday was spent reading articles and lazying around before I went to see Horrible Bosses! It was really funny and way better than I expected!

Yesterday I went for a bike ride and a run and then basically watched a movie marathon on FX before seeing One Day!

Today was jam packed! First a mile run (woooo big runner) followed by an intense yoga sculpt, and a bike ride! Then it was straight to the DMV to get a replacement permit (more on that later). I came home and made homemade peanut butter cups and then went to Kat’s to have dinner with her and Andrew and watch the Bachelor Pad! Omg I am hooked! I mean it is totally dramatic and ridiculous and I have too many other awful shows I am already addicted too but this one may get added on!

Final thought of the night… is it weird that I use a chip clip to keep my hair up? I love it hahahaha but it is definitely outside the box!

ok off to watch the Wedding Date and go to sleep!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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