Birthday Birthday!!!


Yesterday was my 24th birthday!! I wanted to post.. I have actually been meaning to post all week.. sadly I have had an ear infection and fevers at night so when I got home Tuesday and Wednesday night I passed out as soon as I was able to change out of my clothes and into jammie jams and last night thankfully no fever but definite exhaustion!

However ear infection and all I had an amazing birthday!!! I wanted to start it out with a 10 miler but I also wanted to be healthy and whole for this weekend so I allowed myself to sleep until my wonderful friend Emma called at 6:40!!! best wake up call ever, so glad she forgot about the time difference because I hadn’t heard her voice since April!!!!

So instead of running I talked to friends and did some work before going to Yoga at 9:15 with my favorite instructor!! She was great and gave us an extra hard class for my bday! Afterwards I came home and refreshed before going on a hike with my best couple!!

It was a great hike- 3 miles with lots of uphill but someone got a little tired from the heat… he is such an adorable doggy!

After leaving the cutest little family I went to partake in bday pampering in the form of a MUCH needed mani/pedi! On the way home I had my one hiccup of the day… A Speeding Ticket!! On my bday!!!! Boo Boo Boo! I got over my despair with a quick shower and change and went off to pick up ma boys from their new school! Zach remembered my bday and sang happy birthday.. and asked if he could come to my party.. so cute!

Finally it was time for celebration number uno! I went over to Kat and Andrews after a quick spin around the mall before dinner to have some bday champagne and open my present!! They know me so well and got me the Whole Foods cookbook!!!! I mean WF is my favorite place and the recipes.. omg I cannot wait to make like every one of them!!!! SO amazing! Not only that but Kat made me a cake! More on that though in a minute! Once we met up with everyone else.. and Twink gave me a Lilly Pullitzer cooler bag!!!!!! and a new Koozie to replace the one I lost!!! I really have the greatest friends!!!

For dinner we went to the Cherry Creek Grill, which is my favorite restaurant in Denver! We started the night off with a skillet of their famous cornbread! OMG is this the best thing I have ever tasted? Why yes yes it is!!! For dinner I had grilled salmon with a cucumber salad!!! soooo yummy! And then…. CAKE TIME!!!!

OMG.. OMG like seriously there are NO words!!! This was a southern red velvet cake and it was actually the greatest red velvet cake I have ever had!! It was moist and full of flavor!!! I think this was the best bday cake I have ever had!! Thanks Kitty Kat!!!

I let Kat and Andrew take it home… and now I can’t stop wanting a piece!!! hahahahaha I definitely want the recipe!!

Needless to say it was a great bday and I am so thankful to all my wonderful family and friends who made it possible!!!!!

Are you a birthday person? What did you do on your birthday?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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