Restaurants I Love(Bakery Style): Happy Cakes

Heylooooo friendlies!!!

What am I doing right now… is it what I SHOULD be doing which is working on apps? Nope… I’m watching Fashion Police… obvs super important right? Yea no not really oh well

Annnyyyyywayyyssss tonight I wanted to talk about this little baby right here

This my friends is a Happy Cake from Happy Cake Bakery in the Highlands!!! Yes… to answer you question I ate this last night… after I gorged on cake… whatever don’t judge me it was my bday and ummmm calories don’t count on your bday DUH

Click here to check it out… it is such a cute little place!!! Thank you dear Con Con for bringing this little nugget of joy into my life!!! The cake was moist and definitely quality vanilla flavor and the icing was oh so smooth and creamy with little bead sprinkles which are my favorite on cupcakes for that little crunch! I cannot wait to step into this place my self and pick out even more wonderful treats!!! This will probably be my new go to cupcake place!!! Might I say it may be as good as Magnolias in NYC????? I think it’s trueeeeee!!!

So if you live in Denver… get off your couch and go there now!!!

Ok time to boogie see ya in da am!!!

Favorite cupcake/cake flava?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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