Cereal S’mores Bars and a Bday Recap!


So let me say this really has been one of my best birthday weekends ever! Now it is officially over but before I get to breakfast I wanted to do a quick bday recap!!!

Friday I kept it lowkey in anticipation for Saturday!!!! That was our designated day of celebration. We started early out at my pool with a day spent grilling and relaxing in the sun! Let me just say the pool is so much more fun with others than by my lonesome! After parting ways to get ready my friend Marissa came over so that we could head downtown together! We started the night at Mellow Mushroom because well who doesn’t want pizza before a night of drinking? This. Pizza. Was. SO.Good!!! I got the cheese pizza with pesto chicken!!! It was just how I like my pizza and the crust was perfect! If you have a Mellow Mushroom near you go to it!

My pizza was enjoyed with a bottle of wine!

After dinner we made our way to where we were meeting the Patio Ride for the actual celebrations! Yes that is right.. Patio Ride! It is basically a big table/bar surrounded by pedals that the party uses to move the bike! This was such a fun idea and I am so glad we found it! Look for it in your city because this is definitely a great way to celebrate any occasion! You ride around to different bars for a few hour and the people who work it are so nice!

and of course… we could dance on it which was a huge perk!

Definitely a celebration to remember!!! Needless to say I was a tad tired yesterday and didn’t even get out of bed until noon!!! This NEVER happens as I am usually ready to go by 7! Eventually i tore myself from my sheets in order to go to the gstore in order to make a desert for dinner at my aunts! I made Cereal S’mores Bars which I found on Maria’s blog! These were so good and SO easy to make!!

Cereal S’mores Bars

Adapted from Two Peas and their Pod

You need:

3 tsb butter

4 1/2 c marshmallows

4 c Graham Cereal (I used Three Sisters organic cereal)

4 Hersheys Special Dark large bars

To Do:

Grease pan. Melt the butter in a sauce pan, once melted add in 2 1/2 c marshmallows and stir until smooth. Once smooth add in cereal and combine. Once cereal is covered in the mixture layer it on the bottom of the pan. Take the chocolate bars and layer them on top of the cereal. Add the marshmallows on top and broil for 2 minutes or until the marshmallows are slightly browned! Simple eh? Make these this weekend for your Labor Day Festivities!!

Sorry for the phone quality pics.. I forgot my camera!!! Dinner at my aunts was good as usual! Grilled burgers, salmon, salad and of course my family’s staple Party Potatoes (basically cheese and potatoes and gooey unhealthy goodness)

Hungry yet??

Today I was back in my groove up in time to eat a quick bowl of cereal ( for the first time in like a year) and then went with Jess my boss/friend to yoga!! It was her first class with my favorite instructor and we were both sweaty but happy messes at the end! It was a more challenging class than usual and after all of the bday celebrations I definitely appreciated it! Since I obviously never made it to the gym yesterday!

Now I am attempting to be productive with my day! Hopefully I will be able to do some application stuff today!

see ya lata!

At BBQ do you like traditional burgers and dogs or healthier chicken and salmon?

Any other good s’mores ideas?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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