I’m Back.. Back Again

Heylooooooo there friends!

Sorry Sorry Sorry it has been a full WEEK.. I even had topics to blog about but I was also afraid of letting it slip that I went to Houston on Thursday!!!! Yup thats were I was all weekend… Houston and Austin TX!

I went to surprise this little love of my life since she was unable to come visit me for my bday!

I was staying with my friend Bryan and on Friday after a morning of P90X and a yummy lunch of Fogo de Chao with Bryan’s mom we met up with Lauren, her bf Bobby, and her parents at the St. Andrews Brewery! She was so suprised and it was so good to see her on her birthday as well! We had a great afternoon of catching up over beers at the brewery and then of course… YOGURTLAND!!!!!

I got oatmeal cookie flavor… OMG…SO GOOODDD!!! It tasted like the Ben and Jerrys flavor!! After a brief separation to get ready for dinner (and nap) we met back up with Lauren and co at Americas! This is a South American Restaurant in Houston.. with a very interesting and modern decor and GREAT food! In lieu of chips and salsa they bring you plaintain chips and salsa which was a unique twist, and one I really enjoyed! For my main course I had salmon with a shrimp ceviche salad and it was incredible! I paired this with a glass of red sangria! Definitely a winner dinner! We then went to a bar called Kung Fu that had arcade games as well as giant jenga and giant connect four!

highschool reunion!


On Saturday, Bryan and I went to Austin with one of his coworkers and her friends! I had never been to Austin before and we were going for the Texas-Rice game! College football has officially started and it feels so good! Before the football festivities could start however we wanted to see some of the sites of Austin! Our first stop was to the LBJ Library! This was a great museum and gave a lot of insight into LBJ’s presidency, the era, and other presidents as well!

We then walked around Congress St. and went into some funny antique shops! We even found a set of taxidermied squirrels who created a band with little instruments! Who wouldn’t want that for $1400?

Finally, it was game time!! We got dressed up in our Longhorn best (considering none of us are really Texas fans we did a pretty good job) We decided just to partake in tailgating and go to a sports bar to watch the pther games that were on instead of paying for tickets to the game! Bryan is a huge LSU fan and went to Vandy so we wanted to watch those games! It was a great time and 6th St in Austin is crazytown at night! The street is closed for cars and everywhere there are people crowding the streets outside the bars… definitely different than both Denver, and New York!

It was great to experience such a vibrant cool city in the height of it’s glory= College Football Season!

Sunday morning, we dragged ourselves to Einsteins for a yummy and restorative bagel breakfast followed by a trip to Barton Springs! The Springs are a great river with a pool created for swimming as well as areas for people to bring their dogs to swim and kayak etc! We hung out where the dogs were and were in heaven surrounded by all of the adorable dogs everywhere!!

I came back Sunday night in order to be home for my friend Ted’s BBQ!! There will be more on Labor day later as well as some other new things going on in my life! Its all very exciting I assure you.. but for now I will leave you since this post is raaaaather long!

What did you do for Labor Day Weekend?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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