Getting in the Groove

Hi again!

I am writing a quickie post before I pass out at the late hour of 8:30… because honestly feels like 10 pm!

ANyways as I have mentioned before or I think I have.. I am training for the Denver Rock N Roll Half that is on October 9t… and the most I have run is today.. when I ran 8 miles! I was so proud of myself but at the same time I feel that 8 miles is not enough! I plan on running a 10er next week but the week after I am in Hawaii and then it will be a week before the race! I have been struggling with this all summer and trying to run in the heat which I am awful at!

Luckily this is my second half however I am not used to feel this unprepared for a race or really anything! Runners out there, how do you get in the groove during less than ideal situations?

In other news I got a bday care package today with Swedish Fish and Dark Chocolate MnMs as well as a few other fun things! Needless to day I ate one of the bags of Swedish Fish throughout the day! They are my downfall… and I did run 8 miles after all…

Not only was I in the running groove but I was in the cleaning groove today! I bleached all my floors and counter tops, vaccumed and finished my laundry! Wooo the rooms comes back in one day and I want it to be so squeaky clean for her!

Ok now I am off to bed! I know I promised Labor day tales and other news but that will have to wait till tomorrow! Also my camera is not with me so I cant share pics from yesterday yet 😦

Have you ever felt undertrained?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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