Orientation and Leftovers!

Why hello there!

This morning was the first part of orientation for the new first years! I cannot even believe I am a second year! Where has the time gone? This year will be full of many things.. like my Master’s Project, Apps for Doc programs, work, and of course living up every moment I can with my friends!

Today, five us went through an ice breaker and team building activities with the first years in order to get them working together and loosened up for the year! In our program we spend A LOT of time together so it is important that everyone work together and respect each other. There are a lot of times when we work together in groups, consult together, do masters projects together, and present in front of one another, and having the support of most if not all is amazing.  It was nice to play a part in helping this new class get to know each other better!

I came home and had a visitor for lunch! My new friend works near me so it is very convenient for lunch breaks! I kept it simple with a bowl of leftovers!!

MMMMM just as good if not better the next day! I had the leftover pasta, mozzarella cheese, and some turkey thrown on top for protein!

I love left overs for lunch.. and lunch dates 😉

ok thats all for now.. time to be responsible and go through my emails and order books! Have a fabulous Thursday afternoon!

Do you enjoy leftovers?

What are your favorite ice breaker type games?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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